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Anie Delgado is a Cuban-American artist and songwriter.

Born in Miami, Florida, she grew up in Melbourne, FL and now resides in Los Angeles. Enjoying a colourful childhood with a dichotomy of culture and music, Delgado grew up immersed in her Cuban heritage by way of dominos, late-night dancing, and blaring traditional Cuban music in the Florida Keys. Upon receiving her first guitar in 4th grade, she spent her adolescence writing songs and later moved to NYC to study at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

As an exceptional multidisciplinary artist inspired by the diversity of New York’s music scene, Delgado joined an experimental rock band and gigged with them until she decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career. Having moved to Los Angeles in 2018, she has since exploded into her very own realm of alternative pop. Upon the success of her first single “Galaxy”, Delgado has continued to evolve exponentially as an artist and is now back with her highly anticipated EP You Ruined Forever.

Produced alongside industry newcomers George Gleeson, Gary Dillon, Caziel and Harry Egan, this six-track offering takes a more confrontational direction than its predecessors. You Ruined Forever is a self-confessed breakup album about healing, despite lacking closure. Delgado confides,

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“The EP is called You Ruined Forever because when I broke up with this person, they shifted the narrative and made me the villain even though I left the relationship because it wasn’t healthy, due to infidelity and personal growth that was needed on his part.”

As Delgado takes back her narrative with the determination she displays so brightly, her next release explores breaking up with someone before you’ve fallen out of love because it’s ultimately the right thing for you.

She continues, “Although the EP has a lot of tones of resentment and nostalgia and clinging to the past, the journey of the EP is that these relationships are what make us. I felt the need to release this project because this relationship shaped my 20s and who I am as a person.” Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, and Phoebe Bridgers, she found nostalgia in the streets of NYC. Taking perspectives and personality and pouring them deeply into her EP, Delgado’s echoic vocal energy rises above warming melodies and tender rhythms that exemplify her sublime musicality. Delgado’s worldly wisdom shapes her chronicles in a truly unparalleled way, as she brings the authenticity of her inner journey to the ears of many.

Her single “Dancing While the World is on Fire” was featured on Billboard and celebrated for raising awareness and funds for a youth climate change activism group called Zero Hour. She also donated all of her NYC performance revenue to the Brooklyn Pride Center and performed for the Sunrise Movement to raise money for climate change activism. With streaming numbers hitting the hundreds of thousands, Anie Delgado proves that there really are no limits to her capability.


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