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John Gallen has recently made a comeback to the music industry, reigniting a chapter in his life that he always knew would come back around. His time away from music has only added to his musicality, as he showcases whip-smart observational lyrics that display the thoughts of a man who has experienced both great joy and success, as well as loss, sadness, and tragedy.

It’s easy to find singers who can hold a tune, but it’s rare to find those who can truly live out a song and tell a story through it, putting the listener in someone else’s shoes. It’s a true talent to transport an audience to a different place and make them look through a different lens, and John Gallen possesses that talent.

Nostalgic yet relevant, John Gallen’s debut album has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, reaching No. 1 Independent and No. 5 Official in Ireland in 2022. His debut single, “Positive Attitude,” has also gone No. 1 on the Apple iTunes Charts. Each of his songs possesses a unique sound, yet they all share a common denominator – perception, examination, and impressions that are as deep as a fingerprint.

“I call what I do observational melody. I think of people I know and view life from their perspective. I’ve seen the really good – and extremely bad, and it helps the stories I tell,” John explains.

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His latest single, “HALF BURNING SUN,” is an affirmative song that touches on the need to forget loss and regret, and to focus on taking care of oneself in difficult circumstances. Produced by Grammy-nominated Billy Farrell and mastered by Pete Maher, the track was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. Fans can grab a copy on coloured vinyl, CD, and tape from golden discs. ie, and album 2 is already in the works.

In summary, John Gallen is a musician who has the ability to transport his listeners to a different place, showcasing his talent for storytelling and perception. His music is nostalgic yet relevant, and he’s quickly becoming a fan favourite.


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