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During Dutch most famous underground electro parties called Rauw and Dum Dum early 2000, Roger and Mike met when they both performed there as a DJ. It was a raw and energetic scene where Mike and Roger both played a mixture of Electro, French House, Fidget and Techno.

After those years passed they both started to develop their own sound resulting in playing in different scenes (Mike in the house scene and Roger in the Techno scene). They kept in contact and updated each other from time to time with their productions. After a while, they noticed they both had a similar dream; to start a live act inspired by the acts they grew up with going to festivals like Lowlands (like Mike Snow, Foals, Editors, Van She, Goose etc)

As Mike and Roger were both producers, it took some releases to find out they needed a singer to develop a signature sound. They found one in Micha, frontman of the band Kita Menari, who coincidentally was looking for something new as well. With releases on Kitsune and experience in the live scene. Micha was on par to become a big voice in the indie world. When the 3 started making music, however, their creativity reached a higher level.

Their debut album combines analogue with digital. Retro with the modern. As they explore the roots of their inspiration as music fans and combine that with the music writing and production skills they have developed over the years. During the writing process, most of the band members shoot over short ideas to each other which another band member then picks up and develops. The ideas get passed along or blown off till there is an album. During this process, they agreed that it felt like second nature to be bold and make big musical gestures without sensationalism.

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This approach is not only found in the music but also in the message of the record. Why do people always have to choose between black and white? You don’t have to choose between extremes. You can be modest in your opinions but still, Live Out Loud!

This is what Mike Rogers is sharing with you. Go out there and live in the moment. You don’t always have to choose sides. The music represents this throughout. All styles from opposite sides are mixed to create a perfect balance in the middle or leave the listener with an ambiguous feeling.

Roger: ‘We encourage to ask questions out loud. To share your uncertainties out loud. To say, I don’t know, yet I care. To forgive out loud. To live out loud.’


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