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Billboard-charting Los Angeles-based artist Kian Blume is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist best described for his indelibly intoxicating poetic inspired songs that shine radiantly with dramatic melodies, adventurous harmonies, and playing the piano.

With a profound theatrical sound that ignites passion and raw energy in his listeners, Blume aims to bring back a level of complexity and artistry to his music that has been on the decline for several decades. Inspired by an eclectic mix of artists such as Mike Patton, Primus, Michael Bublé, and Bobby Darin and composers Chopin and Satie, Kian Blume’s own sophisticated multi-faceted sound is undeniable.

Kian Blume started making music at the young age of 15 when he was inspired to transform his poetry into songs. Learning to play the guitar and then piano, Blume’s unsurpassed passion for songwriting developed and he fully immersed himself in his craft as a way to authentically express his identity and emotions. “I’ve always felt that a lot of the people I have met have the commitment to misunderstand me which has made me constantly try to disguise most of my personality and diminish my expression while my peers are doing the exact opposite; they are all finding themselves. My world has become grey and expressionless. The music I write is the only vessel for me to express my true feelings.”

In 2019, Blume’s debut single “Stop the Show” peaked at #17 on Billboard’s Dance Chart and catapulted as a songwriter to watch. Filled with introspection in the midst of the pandemic, Kian Blume was compelled to create a more cinematic and baroque pop sound. Pivoting into a new musical chapter, the songwriter is now creating his most authentic work to date.

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His new single “Daphne” is a whimsical piano-driven pop anthem that is both nostalgic and dramatic. The track was written when Blume was on a mandatory vocal rest after a vocal cord injury, and while the doctor ordered him not to sing, the melody that came to him was too all-consuming to pass over. The result is his self-described “magnum opus,” an emotional and enthralling sonic rollercoaster that is Blume’s proudest accomplishment to date.

The decision to sing at that moment, however, almost cost him his music career, as his vocals soon after haemorrhaged, sending him into surgery. It was all serendipitous though, with his famous Otolaryngologist introducing him to his ultimate writing and production partner Michael Orland, who is best known for his work with American Idol. Orland brought in producer Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia) to finish the song, resulting in an expansive and soaring love ballad. With “Daphne”, Kian Blume crafts an autobiographical and heartwarming single about a past love from his youth. Even though the relationship didn’t work out in the end, the special and pleasant memories left an indelible mark on the songwriter.

Kian Blume is a true artist and creator who aims to inspire his listeners to live unapologetically as their genuine selves. With more music to come, including a dedication to toxic lust entitled “Parasite”, Kian Blume is an exciting multi-dimensional artist to watch in 2023.


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