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Lola Balter, the emerging pop-rock sensation, is smashing boundaries with her latest release “Fall For It”. At the tender age of just 16, Lola has already established herself as a gifted singer, songwriter, and performer.

“Fall For It” sees Lola break away from her signature sound, presenting a fresh side to the young artist that fans are yet to experience. However, despite taking a new direction, Lola found that the song came together seamlessly.

She explains, “Fall For It is a very different song than I would normally make. Typically if I try to make a more rock-focused song, I end up scratching it because it just doesn’t flow together well. In my experience making this song, there wasn’t really much trial and error trying to figure out the direction to go with it, this was very much a song I could hear before it was made.”

The track is an intimate and candid account of Lola’s life, with the singer revealing that she “basically said everything I would normally hold back.” This raw honesty is evident in the song’s emotional lyrics, which resonate with audiences on a personal level.

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“Fall For It” is an infectious and powerful track, combining a 1990s alt-rock aesthetic with bold and powerful vocals reminiscent of big-voiced balladeers such as Alicia Keys and Adele. Lola’s natural melodic gifts and fearless creativity are on full display on this record, cementing her place as a rising star in the music world.

Fans can look forward to Lola’s upcoming EP, which promises to showcase her rich vocals within a raw alt-rock style. As Lola continues to explore and expand her artistry, there’s no doubt that she’ll keep delivering music straight from the heart. Keep your eyes on this talented young artist.


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