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“Too Much” is a shimmering indie pop anthem introducing listeners to a matured, vibrant sound from the up-and-coming songstress as she dives deep into the experience of feeling insecure in an uncertain relationship and the impacts it can have on self-image.

Singer-songwriter Kayla Thompson hits a home run with her newest offering, “Too Much,” available on all major streaming platforms now. This track marks the beginning of a stunning era of music for Thompson characterized by invigorating soundscapes, deeply personal lyricism, and a more vulnerable perspective embodying the personal growth she’s made as a twenty-something finding her way in the world. Following her previous 2022 release, “The Remains,” which garnered attention from esteemed tastemakers like Whytt Magazine, Bringin’ It Backwards, and Raydar Magazine, Thompson is ready to show fans and critics alike what they can look forward to in the coming months with additional single releases leading up to her debut EP coming early this summer.

Thompson walks through the experience of grappling with insecurities and self-doubt in moments when we can’t tell where we stand with a romantic partner; she wears her heart on her sleeve and erupts into impassioned, epic choruses posing the question, “is my love too much or not enough?” Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Lennon Stella, Gracie Abrams, and Sabrina Carpenter.

“Too Much” dives head-first into vulnerable conversations and approaches them with bravery and authenticity. This track speaks loudest to anyone who has gone through the push and pull of uncertain relationships, from intense self-doubt to building up the confidence to be brave and find out the truth regardless of if the answer is what we wanted to hear or not. Thompson collaborated with co-writers Solomon Headen and Tilman Acker on this single and brought the track to life with producer Joe L. Setein.

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She hopes that anyone in romantic situations like this can feel seen and empowered by “Too Much,” serving as a reminder that they deserve to experience the type of connection that is unwavering, rather than one that leaves you questioning how your partner actually feels about you. This bold indie pop anthem exists at the culmination of fear and self-preservation, ultimately asserting to listeners through their darkest moments that they are worthy and deserving of the love they want.


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