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Nashville-based songstress Faïnn has come full circle with her latest single, Golden, which serves as a heartfelt thank you to her supportive husband. Faïnn’s journey has been marked by trials and tribulations, including a vocal injury and a lack of confidence that led her to initially give up on singing. However, music remained a constant in her life as she worked behind the scenes in the music industry and as a professor of music.

With determination and soul searching, Faïnn pursued a Master’s Degree in Vocal Pedagogy and retrained as a vocal coach. Supported by her husband, Jeremy, who is also a professional musician, she found her voice again and built a thriving career as a vocal coach. However, Faïnn realized that she couldn’t ignore her passion for singing and made the decision to pursue it professionally once more.

Since then, Faïnn has released three singles, including Golden, which is the second song from her upcoming EP. Co-written with her good friend and colleague Julie Lavery, the song carries a special significance as it is a tribute to Jeremy’s unwavering support and a stepping stone towards Faïnn’s larger musical ambitions.

The song’s production, overseen by Spencer Broschard (who happens to be Julie’s husband) and with piano by close friend Femke Weidema, has evolved from its acoustic origins into something even more meaningful.

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Faïnn’s journey has been one of self-discovery, overcoming challenges, and finding her voice again. Golden is a testament to her resilience and gratitude towards her husband and sets the stage for her upcoming EP, which promises to be a significant milestone in her musical career.


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