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Höhn, a 7-track album by Eric Haynes, is a hypnotic and electronic composition made entirely from foraged field recordings of the Canadian wilderness.

Through his unique approach, Eric captures the raw sounds of nature, from tiny insects to flowing streams, and blends them with harmonic concepts of jazz and techno, creating an organic and immersive electronic experience.

Each track is composed solely of sounds from a specific location, preserving the natural atmosphere and reflecting Eric’s emotions and reflections of nostalgia. Höhn is a call to arms for climate justice, advocating for a deeper connection with nature and stimulating eco-consciousness through textured and pulsing compositions.

By blurring the lines between music and the sounds of our environment, Eric encourages a sense of responsibility and sonic bioregionalism. Höhn is a powerful reminder of the beauty of the natural world and the need to bridge the gap between humans and nature.

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