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The electronic dance pop-crooner, Stent, releases the empowering break-up anthem, ‘Permission’. The vibey new single by the London-based Danish producer, DJ and songwriter is out now.

When growing up, Stent fell in love with the magic of music and imagined himself following in the footsteps of indie greats like Bon Iver and James Blake. Eventually, he fell in love with electronic dance music and the raw power of club beats, house music and producing. However, his musical roots and sincere deep vocals still shine through creating a unique mix between vibey bangers and Nordic melancholia.

”I was stuck in a toxic relationship for way too long. It was one of those love stories that went straight from fascination to dragging me into an emotional downward spiral, where I completely lost track of myself and who I wanted to be. ‘Permission’ is an empowering break-up song – an unapologetic anthem from me to anyone who needs to move on. It’s a reminder that putting yourself first is anything but selfish,” Stent tells of his new single.

‘Permission’ is a bouncy, groovy tune led by Stent as he evolves from indie-crooner to pop greatness with the impact of the powerful chorus. The ultimate liberation comes to life when his epic saxophone creates the soundscape for the mantra: “I don’t even need you!”

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Stent aka Andreas Stent Lundby was born and raised into music as the son of Don Powell – drummer and founding member of the legendary glam-rockers, Slade. When graduating from art school, Stent moved to Copenhagen and with the release of more music to come in 2023 the producer, DJ and songwriter has now re-located to London seeking new opportunities and goals:

“I’ve been letting myself down because of other people’s expectations of me. Moving to London and this new era of mine is me following my own path and standing up for who I want to be as an artist. Do what makes you happy. That’s my simple message.”


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