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I’m thrilled to share with you some of the best indie artists of 2023. Indie music has been on the rise in recent years, and 2023 is no exception.

These artists have been pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds, making them stand out in the crowded music scene. Without further ado, here are the top indie artists to keep an eye on this year:

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has been making waves with her debut album “Collapsed in Sunbeams.” The 21-year-old British singer-songwriter has been praised for her introspective lyrics and smooth vocals. Her sound blends elements of indie pop, R&B, and soul, creating a unique style that’s all her own.


Claud is a rising indie-pop artist who’s been gaining traction with their debut album “Super Monster.” Claud’s music is dreamy and introspective, exploring themes of self-discovery and identity. Their sound is reminiscent of early Lorde or Clairo, but with a distinct sound that sets them apart.

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Bartees Strange

Bartees Strange’s debut album “Live Forever” has been hailed as a masterpiece by critics. His music is a mix of indie rock, punk, and soul, creating a sound that’s both energetic and emotional. Bartees Strange is not afraid to experiment with different genres and sounds, making him a standout in the indie music scene.

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf’s eclectic style is impossible to categorize, and that’s what makes her so special. Her music is a mix of indie pop, funk, and soul, with a dash of electronic influence. Her debut album “Juno” is a fun and upbeat collection of songs that will have you dancing in your seat.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning’s post-punk sound is refreshingly raw and unfiltered. The London-based band’s debut album “New Long Leg” is a testament to their unique sound, blending spoken word poetry with driving guitars and drums. Their music is reminiscent of early Sonic Youth or Joy Division, but with a modern twist.


Arca is a Venezuelan electronic music producer and singer who has been pushing boundaries since her debut album “Xen” in 2014. Her music is experimental and avant-garde, fusing elements of pop, classical music, and electronic music. Her latest album “Kick I” is a sonic journey that will take you to places you never thought possible.

These indie artists are just a few of the many talented musicians who are making waves in 2023. They represent the diverse and creative landscape of indie music, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the coming months. Keep an eye on these artists, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming their songs all day long!

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