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Prepare to be captivated by the dark pop stylings of Belgian singer-songwriter Josephine De Smet. With a unique and mesmerizing sound that she describes as “dark pop”, Josephine weaves together a sultry, mysterious, and sensual vibe that is sure to leave you spellbound.

At the heart of Josephine’s music is her powerful yet delicate voice, which boasts an operatic timbre that sets her apart. Her Belgian accent adds a distinctive twist to the Americanized vocabulary, giving her music a fresh and intriguing appeal.

Josephine’s candid lyricism is where she truly shines, fearlessly tackling taboo subjects such as addiction, bullying, depression, and suicide. Her lyrics are painfully honest and relatable, conveying strong emotions that are sure to strike a chord with listeners. She opens herself up and makes herself vulnerable in order to make others feel seen and heard, positioning herself as the voice of the unheard.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as Billie Eilish, Tate McRae, Dylan, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Gabbie Hanna, NF, and Eminem, Josephine’s music is a melting pot of influences that she artfully blends into her own unique sound.

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With her mesmerizing vocals, candid lyricism, and daring approach to taboo topics, Josephine De Smet is a rising star in the world of dark pop. Keep an eye out for her music as she continues to make waves and carve her own path in the music industry.


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