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Prepare to be taken on a sonic journey like no other with Morgentraum’s latest release, “Best Friends”. This track is a mesmerizing blend of tribal elements with beats and synths reminiscent of classic EDM dance music. It immediately immerses the listener in a captivating sound adventure that transcends borders.

If you close your eyes and let the music wash over you, you will feel the warmth of the summer sun and catch the scent of the African continent. “Best Friends” boasts a constantly evolving soundscape that keeps you on the edge of your seat, never knowing what unexpected sound element is coming next. This track is exciting, unpredictable, and sure to get your heart racing.

Morgentraum’s intricate sound layering and sound manipulation techniques combine with warm, soulful vocals to lend depth and warmth to “Best Friends”. This is a track that will have you dancing and grooving along in no time, losing yourself in the music.

Founded in Wiesbaden (Germany) in 2013, Morgentraum has been passionate about electronic music from the start. After spending 27 years as an IT lawyer and filmmaker, the founder has rekindled their love for EDM and is producing music across a variety of genres, from Alpha Beats to Chill and Melodic House.

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