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Romance in Detroit is the new duo that everyone is talking about, and they’re not from Detroit, but Tacoma, WA.

The duo, made up of Justin Tamminga and Sam Brown, has been creating some incredible melodic fusions that transcend style and genre boundaries. They’re not confined to any particular aesthetic, but rather, draw inspiration from a variety of musical worlds. These two have a way of blending nostalgic concepts with new ideas, weaving together alternative rock, funk, electronic, lo-fi, and hip-hop in a seamless, beautiful way.

It’s hard to believe that these two only started playing music together in the spring of 2022. But after just six months of bouncing ideas and melodies off of each other, they knew they had something special. That’s when they decided to release their first singles, Breaking Through and The Other Side, under the name Romance in Detroit. And boy, did they make a splash. Within three days, the songs had already racked up over 130,000 streams on Spotify.

The next month, they dropped two more singles, Grow Your Own Way and To Stumble On. Both tracks have been embraced by fans and industry insiders alike, and have found their way onto a variety of playlists across Spotify’s platform.

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It’s clear that Romance in Detroit has a bright future ahead of them, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.