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Hailing from Scotland, this Pan-Celtic rock band has made it their mission to utilize their music as a form of activism. With a fierce passion for their cause, they have created a powerful first song entitled ‘The Gift’ that speaks out against the British Government’s abhorrent ‘Rwanda Plan’ and other criminal actions taken by the current UK Government.

This band’s songs are not just meant to be enjoyed for their musicality, but also to serve as modern ‘Rebel songs’ that convey important messages. A recurring theme in their music is Scottish Independence, as they strongly support this movement.

In response to the British PM’s suggestion that those who advocate for independence should be considered extremists and radicals in need of state ‘re-education’, the band decided to adopt a painted mask as their symbol and means of protest. They chose to remain anonymous to preserve complete freedom of expression, with the mask becoming a powerful statement in their fight for justice.

Through their music, this Scottish and Pan-Celtic rock band hopes to spread their message far and wide and encourage others to join them in their activism. Their dedication to their cause is inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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