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Introducing the enigmatic London-based four-piece, this charismatic group comprises individuals with a penchant for musical greatness. Each member brings a distinct set of influences to the table, bound together by their shared admiration for legendary musicians. Rather than attempting to form a supergroup, the quartet took matters into their own hands, embarking on a journey to emulate the resulting sound that would have arisen from such a collaboration.

In this mysterious ensemble, the vocalist stands tall as a fervent fan of Brian Wilson, infusing their melodies with a sun-kissed allure that captivates the senses. The bassist, deeply inspired by the prowess of John Paul Jones, lays down a solid and groovy foundation, ensuring the band’s music reverberates with irresistible rhythms.

Seated behind the drum kit is a devoted disciple of Kevin Parker, whose percussive talents infuse the group’s compositions with an electric vitality, serving as the heartbeat of their sonic endeavors. And last but not least, the guitarist, driven by adoration for Johnny Marr, channels their passion through strings, conjuring captivating melodies and soaring riffs that elevate the band’s sound to ethereal heights.

However, what sets this quartet apart is their decision to remain elusive, concealing their identities behind a veil of anonymity. Their reasoning is as audacious as it is captivating – they believe that their undeniable good looks would instantaneously propel them to the top of the charts, leaving little room for the exhilaration of the climb. It’s an unconventional approach that adds an intriguing mystique to their persona.

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Despite their elusive nature, the group can often be spotted in pubs scattered across North London. Whether they are gracing the stage with electrifying performances or blending into the crowd, their presence is dictated by the demand or lack thereof. These versatile musicians effortlessly adapt to the desires and whims of their audience, weaving an enthralling tapestry of sound and celebration.

So, to all those intrigued readers, keep your eyes peeled for this enigmatic foursome. They harmonize inspiration and emulation with an undeniable flair, delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the amalgamation of musical souls.


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