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Introducing the Bubba Brothers, a sensational duo of Techno and House maestros formed by the musical fusion of Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos, two visionary friends hailing from Portugal. These dynamic artists have cemented their status as regulars on the club and festival scene, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances. With an uncanny ability to create dancefloor anthems, the Bubba Brothers have experienced a meteoric rise, propelling their careers to new heights at breakneck speed.

In the year 2019, they unleashed their first mesmerizing track upon the world, the ubiquitous “Carla’s Beat,” released under the esteemed Cube Records banner. This infectious groove not only soared to the illustrious heights of Beatport’s Top 100 chart, peaking at an impressive #21 but also ascended to the exalted position of #6 on the Top Releases chart. “Carla’s Beat” caught the discerning ears of Trickstar Radio’s Metropolis in London, as well as securing the duo an esteemed invitation to grace the airwaves of Los 40 Radio in Spain.

Embraced by a fervent fanbase, the Bubba Brothers unleashed their next auditory masterpiece, “Tonyca,” a summer anthem handpicked to ignite the dancefloors of Faro’s trendiest club, LICK. Following this triumph, their subsequent releases resonated deeply with audiences across Europe, leaving an indelible mark on television channels, radio stations, iconic parties, and renowned festivals. The culmination of their unstoppable journey came with the resounding success of their first chart-topping Beatport hit, “Karma.”

By September 2021, their inexorable ascent led them to create their very own record label, “Mossdeb Sounds,” an audacious move that paid off handsomely. Their inaugural release, the captivating “No Name Song,” soared to the summit of various Techno, House, and EDM charts, reigning supreme for consecutive weeks. The Bubba Brothers have harnessed their unwavering determination to produce music throughout the year, infusing every dancefloor they grace with an intoxicating energy that leaves revellers spellbound.

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Their sonic conquests have seen them command prestigious venues such as the illustrious Ministry of Sound, the transcendent EsParadis Ibiza, the enchanting Tantra, the rooftop haven of Eva Algarve, and a plethora of other revered clubs and festivals. The tantalizing sounds of the Bubba Brothers have garnered widespread acclaim, earning them accolades such as the coveted “Track of the Week” by Clubbing TV for their captivating opus, “Amandla.” In a glorious showcase of their prowess, Ibiza Sonica Radio hosted the duo for an unforgettable live set on their esteemed station.

As the Bubba Brothers continue their sonic odyssey, their unwavering commitment to crafting awe-inspiring music ensures that dancefloors worldwide will reverberate with their electrifying beats. Brace yourself for an immersive journey through sound as these visionary artists transcend boundaries, creating an everlasting legacy that will resound through the annals of electronic music.


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