Birds Are Better: Unveiling the Musical Evolution of Stian Fjelldal

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In the realm of Norwegian music, a captivating new project has taken flight. Birds Are Better, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Stian Fjelldal, emerges from the ashes of unfaithfulness, breathing new life into the indie folk genre.

Fjelldal’s musical journey has been one of introspection and growth. In January 2022, he released his fifth studio album, “Hus.” Despite the considerable effort poured into its creation, Fjelldal found himself grappling with a sense of detachment. It was a moment of revelation, an acknowledgement that something needed to change.

Three years prior, Fjelldal had embarked on a side project born out of a creative roadblock. Fatigued by the confines of his own artistic identity, he questioned whether he truly resonated with his own music. Would he listen to it if it were crafted by another artist? The resounding answer surprised him—no, probably not.

This realization could have been disheartening for a musician who had carved out a niche with his unique blend of quirky Southern Norwegian folk-pop. Fjelldal had achieved notable milestones, from the radio hit “Håbløs” in 2010 to securing a record deal with Warner Music and enchanting audiences with soul-stirring tracks like “Sammen i Mørket,” “Æ vil heim,” “I verdens rigeste land,” “Bare min,” “Festen,” and “Ville hesta.”

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Yet, rather than succumbing to disillusionment, Fjelldal felt an unexpected sense of relief. He had finally confronted himself with unwavering honesty—an accomplishment in itself for a Norwegian Southerner, renowned for their tendency to sweep difficult issues under the rug.

The true liberation came when Fjelldal dared to ask himself a vital question: What kind of music did he truly want to create? Influenced by beloved bands and artists such as Fleet Foxes, The Flaming Lips, Crowded House, Susanne Sundfør, and Super Furry Animals, he embarked on an audacious journey of exploration. What was stopping him from venturing into uncharted musical territories?

And so, Fjelldal dove headfirst into the creative process. He began crafting songs in English and discovered a newfound voice—one that resonated more deeply within him. Drawing inspiration from his heart rather than preconceived notions of his artistic identity, he embraced the freedom to authentically express himself.

Three years have passed since that transformative writer’s block was lifted by a newfound realization. Since then, Fjelldal’s artistic evolution has reached new heights. “The Island – Part One,” the opening chapter of a mesmerizing double album. Recorded in the comfort of his Oslo home and meticulously produced, mixed, and mastered by the esteemed maestro Håkon Gebhardt, this release represents a remarkable milestone in Fjelldal’s musical voyage.

Does the birth of Birds Are Better signal the end for Stian Fjelldal? Absolutely not. He will continue to create and release music in Norwegian. However, through Birds Are Better, he has rediscovered a profound love for his craft—a love that transcends fleeting infatuations. This project represents more than a mere fling; it is a testament to the transformative power of artistic reinvention.

So, prepare to embark on a sonic expedition guided by Birds Are Better. Allow the enchanting melodies and introspective lyrics to carry you to unexplored emotional landscapes. With each note, Birds Are Better weaves a tapestry of vulnerability and introspection, inviting listeners to join Fjelldal on a deeply personal journey.

“The Island – Part One” is merely the first chapter in this musical odyssey, hinting at the breadth of storytelling and sonic exploration that awaits. Composed with meticulous care and recorded in the intimate confines of Fjelldal’s Oslo abode, the album exudes a sense of warmth and authenticity that is palpable in every song.

Working in collaboration with the renowned Håkon Gebhardt, Fjelldal’s vision for Birds Are Better has come to fruition. Gebhardt’s expertise in production, mixing, and mastering has added a layer of sonic depth, enhancing the album’s emotional resonance.

For Stian Fjelldal, Birds Are Better represents an evolution—an artistic rebirth that embraces vulnerability and embraces new creative possibilities. It is an invitation to listeners to shed their preconceptions and embark on a sonic pilgrimage, guided by the soulful melodies and heartfelt musings of an artist unafraid to explore uncharted musical territories.

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