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Cedrik Rowland, the shining luminary in the vast realm of music, has gracefully unveiled his long-awaited musical gem, “HIGH LOVE.” This ethereal composition weaves together the enchanting threads of lo-fi, R&B, and pop, mesmerizing listeners with its captivating allure. Cedrik’s unparalleled talent as a singer-songwriter takes centre stage, offering a sublime fusion of laidback production and irresistible vocals.

From the very first note, “HIGH LOVE” ensnares its audience, immersing them in a realm of dreamlike euphoria that simultaneously soothes and uplifts. The song’s euphonious guitar riff lays the foundation for Cedrik’s velvety voice to take flight, allowing his innate brilliance to shine resplendently. With its infectious melodies and evocative lyrics, “HIGH LOVE” embarks listeners on an exhilarating sonic voyage that leaves them craving more.

Cedrik Rowland’s artistic prowess gleams radiantly in this latest release, effortlessly merging disparate genres into a harmonious and enthralling soundscape. “HIGH LOVE” stands as a testament to Cedrik’s versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending elements of lo-fi, R&B, and pop to birth a truly one-of-a-kind musical experience.

The single “HIGH LOVE” is now readily available on all major digital streaming platforms, beckoning music aficionados to immerse themselves in Cedrik Rowland’s enchanting auditory realm. Embark on a melodic odyssey and stream this entrancing single today.

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With “HIGH LOVE,” Cedrik Rowland firmly establishes his position as a rising celestial body within the music industry. Keep a keen eye on Cedrik’s journey as he continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and heartfelt artistry, painting the world with his vibrant musical strokes.

Hailing from the enchanting lands of Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, Cedrik Rowland is a luminary singer and songwriter. Born into a family immersed in the realm of music, Cedrik’s roots run deep, with every relative exuding the essence of musicianship or vocal prowess. Since a tender age, Cedrik has embarked on a lifelong expedition to spread his unique sonic tapestry and express his soul through the art of melody.

Driven by a desire to inspire others, Cedrik finds immense joy in knowing that his music possesses the power to uplift and positively impact people’s lives. The gratifying feeling of witnessing someone’s spirits soar after indulging in his musical creations fuels Cedrik’s passion for crafting heartfelt and meaningful compositions.

Having discovered his vocal prowess at the tender age of two, Cedrik’s musical journey has been nurtured by a rich tapestry of influences. From the soul-stirring harmonies of Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross to the timeless melodies of Motown and the harmonious cadences of The Beach Boys, Cedrik’s family’s eclectic taste in music has moulded his versatile style. Drawing inspiration from legends like Queen and Frank Sinatra, Cedrik effortlessly blends various genres and eras to manifest a sound that is unmistakably his own.

In his quest to stand out and carve an indelible path in the industry, Cedrik remains resolute in his commitment to authenticity and self-expression. Refusing to be confined by the boundaries of any particular artist or genre, he aims to showcase his individuality and share his distinct sonic identity with the world. Cedrik Rowland’s music stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication, boundless talent, and a fervent desire to etch an everlasting impact on the hearts of listeners across the globe.


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