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Prepare to be swept away by the scorching sounds of New York’s own rock and roll powerhouse, SUSU, as they unveil their latest release, “Waiting,” the seventh single from their highly anticipated upcoming album, “Call Susie.” Following the resounding success of their previous hits, “Rubber Hits The Road” and “MINE,” “Waiting” infuses a heady blend of rhythm and blues, gospel, rock, and soul, drawing inspiration from the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Mavis Staples, and Amythyst Kiah.

SUSU enthusiastically shares their creative vision for “Waiting,” stating, “The Waiting Game has never been easy, and ‘letting go’ is even harder. We aimed to create a soulful country waltz, where lilting bass intertwines with weeping guitar and drums that reverberate like a heartbeat. A musical landscape where love stands still, witnessing layered harmonies undulate and cascade without resolution.”

The scintillating lineup of SUSU consists of the dynamic female lead vocalists and songwriters Liza Colby from the Liza Colby Sound, Kia Warren from Revel In Dimes, the guitar prodigy and producer Joey Wunsch, the bassist and Halloween aficionado Connor McClelland, and the legendary Queens drummer Ronald Anthony Bruno, known for his work with Dry Clean Only.

Picture this: a sizzling, scorching, and haute heat that tempts and entices, whether in the heart of a bustling kitchen or cozied up by a crackling fire. This is the kind of fiery energy that SUSU emanates, a rock and roll wildfire that was kindled six years ago and culminated in their debut EP, “Panther City,” released in 2019.

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“Call Susie,” SUSU’s first full-length album, takes listeners on a genre-bending, shape-shifting journey, a captivating conversation between Warren and Colby’s formidable vocal prowess and the band’s undeniable chemistry. This 13-song narrative showcases SUSU’s mastery of sonic storytelling, reminiscent of Heart’s intricate harmonies and infused with the spirit and resilience of Tina Turner.

Both Colby, Warren and the rest of this bombastic band of brothers are modern-day provocateurs, effortlessly blending variety with rock and roll to captivate and conquer all. Their music seduces, uplifts, and leaves an indelible mark on every listener, defying conventions and celebrating the rebellious spirit within us all.


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