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In the ever-evolving realm of pop music, Xana emerges as a force to be reckoned with, hailing from the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada.

With a mesmerizing grasp on the pop genre, her songwriting prowess keeps listeners enthralled, as her ethereal vocals effortlessly glide across narratives that blend intimate storytelling with captivating worldbuilding. What sets Xana apart is her intoxicating vibrance, fearlessly weaving themes of LGBTQ romance and female empowerment into her flourishing repertoire, drawing inspiration from her own experiences.

Her latest single, aptly titled “babyblue,” weaves a tale of painful realization and bittersweet nostalgia that comes with the passage of time. It serves as a heartfelt reflection on growing older and the inevitable distance that emerges between childhood friends. Through poignant and introspective lyrics, Xana masterfully navigates the complexities of life’s progressions, coming to terms with the fading connections while yearning for the camaraderie of youth. Sharing her thoughts on the track, Xana reveals,

“It’s about the anxiety that accompanies the passage of time, looking back on those crucial teenage years with nostalgia and longing, hoping that everyone you loved, who shaped and held you in your youth, is doing alright out there without you.”

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Prepare to be swept away by the emotional currents of “babyblue,” as it unfolds like a personal diary entry. Layered with raw sentiment and longing, the track glistens with delicate harmonies, a pulsating beat, and the gentle strumming of guitars, culminating in a polished sound that tugs at the heartstrings. Xana confides, “I just want the listener to feel every ounce of it all.”

Xana’s musical prowess has not gone unnoticed, as she has garnered humbling support from influential Spotify editorial playlists, including the prestigious New Music Friday Canada. Additionally, her talent has caught the attention of notable press outlets such as Earmilk and Atwood Magazine. With an impressive stream count surpassing 30 million on Spotify alone, Xana continues to trailblaze, establishing herself as an artist ahead of her time.

In a landscape brimming with pop sensations, Xana’s captivating melodies and introspective storytelling set her apart as a rising star. Keep a close eye on this Vancouver prodigy, as she leaves an indelible mark on the pop music scene with her enchanting soundscapes.


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