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In the vibrant world of Popguru, a musical journey unfolds, 25 years in the making. Having spent a decade in A&R for prominent music labels, our protagonist realized that working for others wasn’t their destined path. The time had come to take charge, whether for better or worse.

The name “pop guru,” playfully bestowed upon them by a sarcastic music industry executive for their bold signing of the band Sandbox when no one else would, was carefully tucked away, waiting for its moment to shine. That moment arrived years later, as Sandbox’s album struck gold, and our protagonists embarked on their own adventure as the visionary founder of Popguru Sound & Vision.

In the heart of this musical odyssey lies the “Single-Minded” compilation, a celebratory homage to Popguru’s history. Embracing 12 carefully selected tracks, this compilation features restored iconic music videos, unreleased footage, and a captivating array of songs, including focus tracks from the legendary Popguru icons Red Autumn Fall and Stirling, among many other talented artists.

As the audience delves into this mesmerizing compilation, they are treated to a vivid snapshot of Popguru’s illustrious journey, meticulously crafted to cherish the remarkable path the label has traversed. Unearth hidden gems with the restored music videos and unreleased tracks, while getting lost in the enchanting melodies of Popguru’s trailblazers.

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Within the magical realm of Popguru, the music echoes through time, transcending boundaries and captivating hearts. It is a celebration of artistic independence, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of musical brilliance. As listeners immerse themselves in this kaleidoscope of sound and stories, they become part of a collective legacy, where passion and innovation intertwine to shape a world of musical wonder, all seen through the lens of Popguru’s visionary creator.


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