Unearthing Grit and Ecstatic Fever: Hillsboro’s Unapologetic Catharsis

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In the realm of musical alchemy, where raw emotions meld with bone-buzzing distortion and haunting violin prowess, Hillsboro emerged as a mesmerizing force in 2019. Nima Walker, the creative architect behind this captivating project, beckoned a few close comrades to help breathe life into the unorthodox demos he had been crafting. Little did they know that when Dexter Hodgins showed up with his fiddle and drumsticks in tow, a distinct, melancholic, and gritty sound would seep from beneath that bedroom door, capturing the hearts of Pacific Northwest denizens with rapid fondness.

Since that enigmatic genesis, Hillsboro has unleashed an unrelenting presence, fortified by Oliver Hollingshead’s thunderous drumming, Tucker Hoey’s resonating bass lines, and Samuel Wells’ soul-stirring guitar work. Their sound, an ever-shifting tapestry of energy and emotion, marries infectious rhythms with dynamic vocals, enthralling listeners with each passing beat.

In the live arena, Hillsboro reigns supreme, earning well-deserved accolades as the best live act in their local scene (shoutout to The Zone 91.3!). Drawing inspiration from titans like Deftones, American Football, and The Strokes, they seamlessly infuse a fresh spin on the late 90s alternative music vibe, leaving audiences enamored and craving more.

But let’s talk about their recording process – it’s nothing short of mind-blowing. These sonic sorcerers started laying down tracks before they could even hit the gas pedal, making their production as inseparable from the writing process as sunlight from the day. Each song takes shape in an intricate dance of textures, often fully arranged and produced before the first melody even finds its way into the mix. This magical approach lays the groundwork for their ability to consistently conjure timeless songwriting that captivates hearts and souls.

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And now, let’s dive headfirst into Hillsboro’s self-titled debut LP – a dark pop masterpiece that urges listeners to embrace their everyday angst. This 10-track wonderland was predominantly self-recorded by the band, with a touch of co-production wizardry courtesy of Jon Epworth from Victoria, BC.

But wait, there’s more to this tale. As the world grappled with its own shutdown, Nima Walker found himself tumbling down a tumultuous spiral of destructive whims, battling scenes of drug abuse, property wreckage, and mental health crises. A heartbroken soul, wrestling with existential agony and superfluous ambitions, he eventually found himself seeking solace and escape in the dark corners of his mind.

Enter the album, a cathartic sanctuary, a haunting diary etched with his darkest moments and newfound infatuation with self-ruin. But fear not, dear reader, for this isn’t a story of despair and hopelessness. It’s a tale of redemption, as Walker recognized the need to break free from these chains. All of this led to the birth of Hillsboro’s first LP, a musical testimony that romanticizes the experience of being pushed beyond your limits without belittling the ordeal.

Above all, Hillsboro offers an audacious lifeline, the sound of evading trouble by the skin of your teeth, and an unyielding response to the anxieties of our time. Nima Walker’s creative ethos revolves around unapologetic catharsis and unabashed vulnerability, inviting listeners into a world where fear and shame are excavated in an ecstatic fever. A world where a community is built not on hiding pain, but on embracing it and watching it crumble to pieces.

In the realm of Hillsboro, the dark and the light dance together, forging an enchanting harmony that resonates with the depths of our souls. So if you’re looking for an enthralling musical journey through the human experience, heed the call of Hillsboro and embark on an expedition of unbridled emotion and exhilarating soundscapes. Brace yourself for an encounter that will leave you transformed, and your heart forever captured in their enigmatic grip.


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