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Daz Cordeux, a Melbourne native, possesses a mind that’s a melodic enigma, akin to a music box spun by an unseen hand. When its lid is lifted, a symphony unfurls – a medley of joy and sorrow, nostalgia and foresight. Each note invites listeners to imbue it with their own tales of elation or heartbreak, often a mélange of both.

Despite his status as a revered troubadour in his homeland Down Under, Cordeux, a perpetually wanderlust-infused artist, vanished from the limelight in 2015. He found solace in the cocoon of his record collection, gravitating towards the sun-drenched, jangly guitars that defined the 60s era and its Britpop successors.

The sands of time, tinged with personal tribulations, compelled this songwriter to shatter a four-year creative hiatus. From the ashes emerged a phoenix of creativity, channelling his influences into a fresh sonic tapestry. The year 2022 saw Cordeux armed with a new sound and a storybook, journeying from Melbourne to the sprawling landscapes of Los Angeles where he shaped his collective dream – Daz & The Demons.

The essence of that music-box mystique reverberates across “8 Songs,” the debut opus from Daz & The Demons. This album marries hook-drenched guitar pop with lyrics that beckon vibrant visuals. The narrative unfolds through each track, where Cordeux’s distinct Australian accent finds itself juxtaposed against the ethereal backdrop of Mackenzie Howe’s celestial backing vocals (guitar/vocals) and Genevieve Patterson’s haunting harmonies (keys/vocals).

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These harmonious threads drift gently over the elastic rhythms cast by bassist Zachary Schellhase and drummer Spencer Lere. A masterstroke of self-production, the album’s nuances were further enriched through the experienced hands of mix and mastering magician Mike Bridavsky of Russian Recording (known for Deerhoof, Mac DeMarco, and Built to Spill). With his adept ear and meticulous all-analogue approach, Bridavsky breathed life into the album’s sonic canvas.

In this aural odyssey, Daz Cordeux and his Demons conjure more than mere music; they craft a sensory expedition. The melodies carry the weight of his journey, the echoes of his respite, and the vibrancy of newfound sonic exploration.

8 Track album: https://dazandthedemons.com/onesheet

As his Australian roots intertwine with the magnetic energy of Los Angeles, listeners are invited to partake in this narrative symphony. With “8 Songs,” the music box of Cordeux’s mind opens wide, inviting us all to dance within its evocative embrace.


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