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In the mystical realm of musical destiny, Giuseppe Tria emerges as the ethereal artist known as “Kisnou.” Hailing from the enchanting city of Bari, Italy, this musical prodigy entered our terrestrial realm in 1997, seemingly destined to forge a different path. In his early days, Giuseppe found solace in being a keen listener, the melodies of the world guiding him through the labyrinth of life. Yet, he never wielded an instrument nor entertained the notion of a musical voyage.

Alas, fate had its own twisted plans for him. Like a tempest building within, a series of forgettable events cast shadows of sorrow, anxiety, and fear upon his soul. These emotions brewed and bubbled like a volcano on the cusp of eruption. But as fate would have it, this eruption of emotion ignited a blazing yearning for something more, for an escape to a brighter existence – a glimmer of hope in the darkest hour.

In the pursuit of respite from reality, music emerged as more than just a refuge; it became his sacred sanctuary. As an ancient chant whispered in his ear, the melodies beckoned him to delve deeper into this enigmatic art form. In time, the realization dawned upon him like a celestial revelation – music was not merely a shield, it was calling out to him, summoning him to an extraordinary destiny.

With unwavering determination and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Kisnou embarked on a voyage of self-discovery through the uncharted seas of music. Without formal education or guidance, he chose to create his own world of harmonies and melodies, like an alchemist concocting celestial sounds with his very soul. At the tender age of 18, he took his first step into this cosmic symphony, crafting his melodies purely by the keen ear that fate had bestowed upon him.

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Kisnou, a name derived from “Kismet” – the hand of destiny itself, encapsulates the very essence of his journey. From the cruel fate that nightmares had woven for him, a song emerged, a song that whispered of hope and promise, a song that unravelled the tapestry of his true calling.

So, as we stand on the precipice of Kisnou’s musical odyssey, we are reminded that sometimes fate takes the most unexpected routes to guide us to our purpose. From the humble beginnings of an avid listener to the maestro of his own celestial symphony, Kisnou’s story illuminates the profound power of music to transform, heal, and awaken the slumbering passions within us all. In the cadence of his melodies, we find our own dance with destiny, beckoning us to follow the song that calls our name.


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