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In the vast tapestry of musicians’ lives, Dean Stacy’s story stands as a testament to the unpredictable twists that can shape a creative soul. Hailing from the vibrant yet tumultuous backdrop of Las Vegas, Stacy’s life journey defied the norms from the outset.

Raised by a hardworking single mother, his surroundings were in a constant state of flux. The chapters of his life read like a novel, oscillating between residing in a palatial mansion while his mother worked as a nanny for a curious venture involving Ukrainian brides, to finding refuge in a car parked at a Walmart during leaner times. Amidst these shifting sands of existence, Stacy’s indomitable spirit refused to be tethered by circumstances, instead channelling his experiences into a wellspring of artistic ingenuity. The result? An auditory concoction that he aptly dubs, “sloppy, sweet, and all-around disturbed.”

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The spotlight now pivots to his latest creative offering, a seven-track EP christened ‘The Bathtime Tapes,’ a veritable monument to Stacy’s unwavering devotion to his craft. Battling an ever-nagging nemesis named procrastination and the allure of diversions, Stacy embarked on a bold experiment to harness his focus. He sealed himself within the confined walls of a bathroom for a span of seven days, devoid of the usual trappings of modern life—no smartphone, no companions, no entertainment. Amidst these stark confines, he channelled every ounce of his energy and imagination into the creation of this EP, eschewing distractions and emerging with a magnum opus of creativity.

In Stacy’s own words, “There’s a creature in me that will stop at nothing to prevent me from being productive. I look for distractions all the time. YouTube videos, video games, pornography. I’ve probably spent more than half my life looking at screens. And even when I could focus for half a second, some insecurity or anxiety would stop me from creating. I would write day in and day out, but could never put in the effort to get something properly recorded. I became so frustrated with myself that I decided the only solution was solitude.” It was an audacious endeavour, one that yielded profound artistic fruits. He humorously adds, “I paid a friend to bring me meals so that I wouldn’t die in there. I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. I showered surprisingly little.”

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‘The Bathtime Tapes’ stands as a testament to Stacy’s unique compositional prowess. His lyrics, often laced with a cheeky grin and a hint of irony, are enveloped in a lo-fi aura, colliding disparate sonic realms to forge a sonic entity he playfully dubs, “vile alternative, folksy, punk garbage.” Delving into a landscape that’s rife with cynicism, Stacy’s songwriting cuts through with brutal candour. He states, “My writing is cynical, almost brutally so. All of these songs attack something whether it be myself, my audience, or modern America as a whole.

The goal is to drag in all the cynics and misanthropes and convert them into emotionally intelligent, caring people. This is just the first step.” In this collection, Stacy becomes a sonic confidante for those wrestling with isolation and complex emotions, harnessing the transcendent power of music to communicate beyond words. As he eloquently puts it, “It’s rough, it’s rowdy, and it’s uniquely mine. It’s my baby and no matter how ugly it is at times, I’m proud of it. I hope listeners might be inspired to know that all it takes to make an EP is a room, a laptop, and a week of self-administered solitary confinement.”

In a world of orchestrated personas and manufactured narratives, Dean Stacy’s journey stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation, reminding us that the most unlikely of circumstances can be the crucible from which exceptional artistry is forged.


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