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Clara Pople’s latest musical offering, “Last Dance,” is a testament to her ability to wield her voice as both a versatile instrument and a captivating accompaniment. In this single, she embarks on a sonic journey where she assembles an entire choir, crafts resonant bass lines, weaves syncopated beatboxing rhythms, and masterfully harmonizes in six parts, all using the power of her own voice. With a deft touch, she melds classical technique, gospel fervour, and the gritty vibes of Bristol trip-hop, resulting in a darkly poetic, entirely unique, and undeniably original auditory experience.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Last Dance,” Clara Pople delves into the depths of human emotion. She explains, “Last Dance is about that desperate yearning to keep your loved ones close. It encapsulates that heart-wrenching moment when you fear that someone you hold dear might slip away from your grasp – the sheer panic that overtakes you, and the overwhelming need for them to stay. As I penned this track, I envisioned a couple locked in an intimate waltz, a perfect symbol of the profound power of shared love.”

Clara Pople’s musical journey has been fortified by her education at the prestigious British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Manchester (BIMM). With just two singles, “It’s The Girl” and “I’ll Be The Winter,” under her belt, she has rapidly gained momentum in the music industry. Her music has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, she has received support from Sofar Sounds, secured multiple live gig bookings, and earned the coveted title of Kendal Calling’s ‘Artist Pick of the BBC Introducing Stage.’ Notably, Clara emerged victorious in DHL’s Fast Track competition, which paved the way for a recording session at the iconic Abbey Road studios alongside pianist and producer Hannah V (known for her work with Stormzy, JP Cooper, Yola, and TOBi). In addition, Clara has benefited from the guidance of acclaimed producer Jax Jones (renowned for his collaborations with Duke Dumont and Raye).

Adding to her list of achievements, Clara recently concluded a mesmerizing 20-night residency at Edinburgh’s revered cultural hotspot, The Little White Pig, owned by Emma Currie, wife of the legendary Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh.

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With the impending release of her 4-track EP on October 8th, Clara Pople is poised to make her indelible mark on the music industry in 2023 and beyond. Her innovative sound, emotional depth, and remarkable vocal prowess are set to captivate audiences and establish her as a formidable force in the musical landscape. Get ready to embark on a musical journey with Clara as she unveils her latest sonic masterpiece.


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