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Danish singer-songwriter eee gee has returned with her highly-anticipated sophomore album, ‘SHE-REX,’ following the critical acclaim of her debut, ‘Winning,’ in February 2022. With this new release, eee gee cements her status as one of the most promising voices in Nordic music.

‘SHE-REX’ embarks on a poignant, occasionally humorous journey through the tumultuous life of a young woman navigating crises, heartbreak, and moments of grandiose delusion. The album’s narrative begins and concludes in outer space, with the title track painting a vivid portrait of an anxious female dinosaur in love, confronting the impending extinction of her world. The journey culminates in the final track, ‘space anxiety,’ serving as a metaphor for eee gee herself, now adrift in the weightless expanse of outer space, resembling a solitary satellite.

Explaining the album’s title, eee gee, also known as Emma Grankvist, shares, “It’s about setting the right stage for the music, and I came up with ‘SHE-REX’ as the album title. ‘Rex’ is Latin for king, so ‘SHE-REX’ must signify the reigning queen or ‘she-king’! The term also evokes the fierce and aggressive nature of a T-Rex, the most feared dinosaur of all. In that sense, ‘SHE-REX’ becomes a framework that grants me the courage to explore vulnerability, romance, strength, anger, fear, introversion, and vividness as a songwriter. I also appreciate the juxtaposition with my debut album, ‘Winning,’ which had a sports analogy. With ‘SHE-REX,’ I’m ascending to the royal ranks.”

In ‘SHE-REX,’ eee gee embraces a more extroverted musical landscape, incorporating danceable up-tempo tracks like ‘perfect 10,’ ‘(search:) how to heal a friend,’ and ‘school reunion.’ The latter is accompanied by a striking, Emma Rosenzweig-directed video. The album also delves into retro-infused ballads, with songs like ‘(search:) how to break up with a friend,’ the rocking ‘did you ever love someone,’ and the new single, ‘promise to pick up the phone.’

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“I’ve been less afraid to blend different genres and have dared to explore new territories while building upon many of the themes from ‘Winning,'” eee gee explains. “I’ve been curious to uncover each song’s unique possibilities and what each one wanted to convey.”

Navigating the sophomore album challenge, often characterized by heightened expectations, eee gee approached the creation of ‘SHE-REX’ with a refreshing perspective. Some of the album’s tracks had their genesis during the ‘Winning’ era. Over the past year, Emma Grankvist has experienced a whirlwind of emotions, victories, and setbacks. When she first penned the lyrics for ‘SHE-REX,’ she was deeply in love. Midway through the album’s creation, she found herself in the midst of heartbreak turmoil. As the album now stands complete, ready to greet the world, it does so with a newfound serenity and self-belief—at least for the moment.

eee gee has already made waves in 2023, garnering attention from Rolling Stone UK as a rising star. She also graced the stage in support of Arlo Parks at this year’s Great Escape Festival and performed at significant European festivals, including Roskilde Festival (DK), Lowlands (NL), and Lollapalooza Berlin (DE). Later this Autumn, she’s set to captivate audiences at the Pitchfork Festivals in both Paris and London. ‘SHE-REX’ marks a captivating chapter in eee gee’s musical journey, one that promises to elevate her stature as a distinctive and fearless artist in the Nordic music landscape.


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