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Emerging from the pulsating heart of the techno realm, the enigmatic producer and electronic virtuoso known as Inflection has embarked on an extraordinary sonic journey. Over time, he’s masterfully concocted a genre-defying brew, seamlessly fusing the hypnotic allure of Deep House, the soulful resonance of indie guitars, and the exotic charm of ethno-electronica.

This audacious fusion of raw techno rhythms, velvety harmonies, and the mystical allure of the handpan transports listeners into a captivating reverie, where the dance floor becomes a portal to another realm. Inflection’s music is a kaleidoscope of emotions, at times evoking the essence of [insert appropriate reference], while at other moments, it beckons with the spirit of [insert appropriate reference].

In his illustrious career, Inflection has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. His solo tracks and remixes have graced the ears of music enthusiasts far and wide, including a remarkable collaboration with Cologne’s indie darlings, “Lingby.” Beyond the studio, Inflection takes his sonic odyssey to the stage, commanding electronic live sets that have enthralled audiences not only across Germany but also in far-flung corners of the world.

From the hallowed halls of “Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld” to the avant-garde ambience of “Artheater” in Cologne, to the vibrant club and art scenes of Marseille and Nantes, and even to the hallowed halls of Berlin University of the Arts, Inflection’s soundscapes have left an indelible mark. Whether igniting the dance floor at the “100%steil” or adding his unique sonic tapestry to the “Our Definition of House” soirée, Inflection’s sonic expedition knows no boundaries.

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But the story doesn’t end there. Inflection is more than just a musical maestro; he’s also the visionary behind FarbTon, a groundbreaking music label and electrifying party series. With a mission to meld high-octane live performances and euphoria-inducing DJ sets, FarbTon is an auditory adventure like no other. It’s where sonic aficionados congregate to celebrate the magic that is Inflection and his ever-evolving sonic palette.

In a world where music is the language of the soul, Inflection has become a masterful storyteller. His music transcends boundaries, defies genres, and paints vivid soundscapes that resonate deep within. As he continues to chart his course through uncharted musical territories, one thing remains certain: Inflection is an artist who is destined to make waves that will ripple through the world of electronic music and beyond.




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