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In the world of music, some artists carve their path through the known, while others venture into the great unknown. Mudmowth, a name synonymous with the UK rap scene, embarked on a remarkable journey after years of making waves through the prestigious Associated Minds record label, dominating rap battles, and touring the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. This journey led him to explore uncharted territories, taste the flavours of distant lands, and immerse himself in the myriad stories the world had to offer.

For the past 11 years, Mudmowth has been globe-trotting, hop-scotching across continents, and trading tales with the people he encountered along the way. His adventures took him from the lush landscapes of Indonesia to the vibrant streets of India, from the majestic peaks of Nepal to the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand. In each step, he learned about life not from textbooks but from the lines etched into the Earth itself.

However, the most transformative chapter of his life began 17 months ago with the birth of his daughter. Her arrival ignited a fresh spark of creativity within him, and the words that had long been dormant within his soul began to spill onto the page once more, channelled through the conduit of his beloved hip-hop.

This newfound fire has been carefully nurtured and crafted into his upcoming album, a project bearing the name of his daughter, ‘Kokoro.’ Within its sonic tapestry, Mudmowth captures the full spectrum of emotions and experiences that have flavoured his journey through the planet. It’s an opus that reflects not just the melodies and rhythms but also the soul of a wanderer who has walked the Earth, imbibing the essence of every place he’s visited.

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The first single from the album, ‘Digging for Dreams,’ serves as the perfect introduction to the reinvented Mudmowth, version 2.0. He believes he has truly found his voice, a way to define his time on this planet and a profound understanding of life itself.

As he eloquently puts it, “it took growing wings, it took risks/ for me to recognize there is love in a closed fist.” When you press play, you’ll feel the very essence of life pouring from your speakers, a testament to Mudmowth’s extraordinary odyssey from rhymes to realms and back again.


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