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In the swirling cosmic tapestry of modern music, there emerges a band that defies convention, a band that can only be described as the lovechild born of a wild night between The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Gulls, a musical anomaly, a genre-crossing revival of rock ‘n roll’s golden age, all dressed up with a contemporary edge so sharp it could cut through space and time.

Their lives, much like their music, follow a freewheeling rhythm, with years spent in perpetual motion on the open road. For The Gulls, this nomadic existence is not just a choice; it’s a testament to their calling. Will Fairhead, Kilian Aubertin, and Tali Knight, the mystical trio at the heart of this sonic journey, craft songs that narrate anthemic tales of freedom, transformation, and love.

Their latest auditory offering, “Sanitation,” is a playful anthem that straddles the realms of folk rock and gypsy soul. It’s a battle cry for all those who refuse to conform to a world scrubbed clean of its raw essence. With unbridled energy and a touch of rebellion, the track delves into the realms of personal liberty, unapologetic sensuality, and the pervasive influence of society on our deepest desires – themes that course through the veins of their music.

As the band puts it, “We wanted to create a raucous, dirty, singalong party tune, and so it was born in the back of a van on a scorching summer’s day. It’s a cheeky response to the sterile facade of our world today. Society wears this polished veneer, with everyone clutching their passports behind screens, buying pre-packaged dopamine from who knows where, and concealing their taboos while blindly following the rules. But deep down, we all know someone’s getting their hands dirty. Being a nomadic rock & roll band, adhering to society’s sanitization expectations isn’t exactly our forte.”

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The Gulls aren’t just a band; they’re trailblazers, forging a path into uncharted musical territory. They’ve woven together the threads of folk, psychedelia, and rock & roll, concocting a sonic brew that’s uniquely their own.

In the past year, they’ve embarked on an odyssey, a whirlwind of performances at venues, festivals, and guerrilla gigs on the streets and shores of the UK and Europe. Most notably, they pioneered a revolutionary concept known as “The Robin Hood Tour.” Picture a caravan of vehicles storming the heart of the UK’s metropolises, staging unauthorized concerts. They took from the rich and gave to the poor, with all proceeds channeled towards food banks.

The Gulls, my friends, are the people’s champions and the bane of the council’s existence. Their music is a rallying cry for those who refuse to be sanitised by society’s expectations, a beacon of hope for the dreamers, and a blazing trail of rebellion in the world of music. Keep your eyes on the horizon; The Gulls are soaring to new heights, and their journey is a symphony of resistance and freedom.


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