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Bristol’s sonic alchemists, PEACH, unleashed their long-awaited debut self-titled album. This four-piece ensemble, a dynamic blend of desert rock and post-punk had been brewing a musical storm that finally hit listeners’ eardrums.

The PEACH journey began in 2019 when drummer Andy Sutor and guitarist Jean-Paul Jacyshyn (JP) joined forces to craft something special. Their shared love for the gritty sounds of the ’90s and early 2000s desert rock, punk, and grunge formed the bedrock of their creative process, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, and Eleven. As they welcomed Tim Cooke on baritone guitar, the initial sparks of song ideas began to flicker, but alas, progress was stymied.

Enter the pandemic, which cast a long shadow over the band’s aspirations. It wasn’t until the summer of 2021 that the final piece of the PEACH puzzle fell into place. The formidable Ellie Godwin (of No Violet fame) lent her powerhouse vocals and songwriting prowess, her influences spanning from the iconic Joni Mitchell to the legendary Jeff Buckley. Armed with their collective genius, the band gathered in the rehearsal room and wove together a set of songs that hit like a sonic sledgehammer. After such a protracted gestation, it was clear: these songs deserved to be immortalized on record.

With a string of successful singles under their belt, PEACH garnered praise from esteemed quarters including BBC Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter, Noizze, James Scarlett (the brains behind Arctangent and 2000Trees festivals), and BBC Radio Wales’ Adam Walton. They’ve also shared the stage with formidable acts like Mclusky, LIFE, Chiyoda Ku, Crows, Skin Failure, and CLT DRP, securing a coveted slot at the 2022 Arctangent Festival.

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Their eponymous debut album was birthed in the serene Devon surroundings of Middle Farm Studios in February 2022. Here, they teamed up with the exceptionally gifted and versatile producer Peter Miles (known for his work with Architects, Dodie, Petrol Girls, and TesseracT). Staying true to their roots, the band chose to record live to tape, opting for minimal overdubs to capture the raw, unbridled energy that defines their sound.

Through colossal, thunderous drums, distinctive riffs, mournful tones, and vocals that cut straight to the heart, PEACH ventured into the uncharted territories of relationships. They explored boundaries, challenged comfort zones, dissected change, and revelled in moments of clarity. This nine-track, self-released opus of a debut firmly established PEACH as a formidable force—one that wielded both might and authenticity.

Leading the charge ahead of the album’s release was the single “Already There,” unveiled on June 16th, 2023. The song dived deep into the labyrinthine realm of manipulation and the complex emotions it spawned.

In the band’s own words, “Already There” was “about a growing awareness of being manipulated—an uneasy gut feeling, exhausted and confounded thoughts, the relentless pursuit of self-improvement. As you traversed the circular contours of this song, its growling, sludgy demeanour resonated profoundly. ‘Already There’ eventually culminated in a whirlwind of intertwined vocals and a jagged guitar solo, propelling the track to its climactic zenith of defeat.”

Alongside this potent single came an equally arresting music video, masterfully directed and produced by graphic designer Charlotte Gosch (of studio other types) and IDLES’ very own Lee Kiernan, both integral parts of the film production company “Holding Hands with Horses.”

So, fasten your seatbelts, dear music aficionados, for the ethereal desert winds of PEACH swept listeners away on a journey through their mesmerizing sonic landscapes. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of PEACH—an experience that is both visceral and transcendent.


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