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Introducing the electrifying world of Rage Funk, courtesy of the enigmatic LA-based musical maverick, Kanwal. In a sonic journey that melds the fierce fusion of rage, power, and passion, Kanwal’s distinctive musical persona is a kaleidoscope of influences. It mirrors his multicultural roots, his wanderlust-filled odyssey across the globe, his formative years in the melting pot of New York, and his transformative transition to the City of Angels. With every step, he’s unearthed a more liberated version of himself.

Rage Funk, as Kanwal eloquently puts it, is the realm where all those unconventional, unvarnished emotions and desires reside. It’s where the raw, idiosyncratic facets of our psyche hide beneath layers of societal veneer. It’s the guttural growl of Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly,” the revolutionary fervour of M.I.A’s “Arular,” the unapologetic soul-baring of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” and the primal funk of James Brown’s “Please Please Please.” Raw emotion takes on myriad forms, unique to each soul. For Kanwal, it’s the avenue to express the parts of himself that society deems eccentric or incompatible. It’s the vessel for unearthing the aggression he once dared not acknowledge.

Kanwal’s origin story is a tapestry woven from the threads of his Indian/Sikh heritage and his Russian/Jewish lineage, set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Early on, he was serenaded by a symphony of Sufi melodies, Bhangra beats, classic rock anthems, funky grooves, and hip-hop rhymes. His signature sound is the exquisite tension between these diverse cultural influences, laced with a rockstar’s swagger. Distorted vocals lock horns with gritty basslines, while rugged, textured synths create a sonic landscape uniquely his own.

In the social symphony, Kanwal was the quiet note, an outsider among peers. Raised by parents from distinct cultural worlds, he never quite fit the mould. His appearance set him apart, and everyone seemed to have a vision for his life that didn’t align with his own. But in solitude, he found his voice. He turned anything he could find into a drum, danced through his house, and belted out rap lyrics born during dull classes.

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High school saw the birth of his addiction to music production. Years of dedication followed, during which he honed his craft, drew inspiration from diverse corners of the globe, and crystallized his artistic vision. Kanwal’s journey took him to different countries, and one summer, he found himself in Athens, Greece, working with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia—individuals who had been forced to abandon their homelands.

Borders have never made sense to Kanwal. His father’s immigration story was one of choice, but many others are compelled to leave their homes and are penalized for seeking safer havens. It’s a reality he finds repugnant and traumatic. During his time in Greece, he witnessed the transformative power of music in the lives of those with limited options. Music, he realized, was a sanctuary of freedom—a place where souls could soar unburdened. For Kanwal, music became his sanctuary, his space to be unapologetically himself, and he aspired to share that sense of liberation with others.

Kanwal’s debut studio single, “Tuggin’ Me Back,” is a topsy-turvy pop anthem that navigates the treacherous waters between expressing profound emotions and conforming to societal norms. It’s a sonic tapestry drenched in funk, adorned with soaring melodies, and painted with vibrant synths. Within the song’s layers, Kanwal sprinkles oddball elements—reversed electric guitar slides, authentic sound effects—creating a soundscape that feels like you’re tuning in to a pop song from an alternate dimension. It’s a composition that lives on the precipice, a reflection of our perpetual dance on the edge of social acceptability.

Following this tantalizing debut, Kanwal has ambitious plans to release three more songs in the coming fall. Each track promises to be a visual and auditory gateway into the immersive world of Rage Funk, and this is just the opening act. Kanwal’s vision is a grand one—to beckon as many artists and music enthusiasts as possible into the embrace of this bold new genre. It’s an invitation to dive headfirst into a maelstrom of raw emotion, pulsating power, and unbridled passion—the unmistakable sound of Rage Funk.


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