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Hailing from the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Elif Dame, whose name translates to “she who brings light,” emerges as a musical force with roots in jazz and a penchant for creative exploration. Born into a world of jazz melodies and retail realities, Dame’s journey into the vast realm of music began with influences ranging from the iconic Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to the soul-stirring sounds of gospel.

Her musical evolution, ignited by the beats of MF DOOM, J Dilla, and Madlib, transformed gradually into an eclectic fusion of alternative R&B. Dame’s lyrical prowess delves into the depths of human experience, touching on themes of depression, anxiety, insecure attachment, relationship struggles, trauma, family dynamics, and addiction.

In the period spanning 2020 to 2021, Dame released a series of singles, but it became evident that the demands of battling depression and the pressure to continuously produce new work were eroding the joy she once found in releasing music. In response, she took a much-needed hiatus to focus on her mental well-being, documenting the transformative process along the way.

The culmination of this introspective journey is her forthcoming EP, “Securely Detached.” This release serves as a musical diary, chronicling Dame’s efforts to reclaim her life, navigate emotional boundaries, and prioritize self-care over external expectations. Exploring themes of co-dependency and the challenges of securing mental health care, Dame candidly shares her experiences.

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The EP unfolds with the poignant track “Celexa (Buy Me Time),” where Dame lays bare her struggle, contemplating the option of medication. “Killing It” follows, delving into the complexities of letting go and the ambivalence surrounding the benefits of medication. “How to Self-Care” and “Self-Care Pt. II” confess Dame’s challenges in meeting her basic needs and the perpetual cycle of healing and self-sabotage.

“Grandmothers Fault” and “Good Friend” explore the songwriter’s battles with unhealthy relationships, while “Nature of the Beast” delves into the realization that addiction is a family affliction. The EP concludes on a high note with the title track, “Securely Detached,” a cheerful acknowledgment of the ongoing journey towards self-improvement and the acceptance that, through dedicated self-work, some things remain unchanged.

With her debut single amassing nearly half a million streams, Elif Dame is poised for a promising trajectory. “Securely Detached” is set to elevate her to new heights, as she connects with a global audience through her authentically honest and vulnerable musical expression.


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