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Welcome to the haunting soundscape of Slowolf, where the alternative hybrid 802 emerges from the depths of Djursland, Denmark, bringing forth the ghostly and powerful vibrations of ’22 (Velvet Vampire).’ Today, the musical realm is graced not only by this unique single but also by a blood-dripping horror short film that adds a spine-chilling dimension to the auditory experience. Brace yourself as we delve into the eerie collaboration of Slowolf’s Andreas Asingh, Jens Emil Sørensen, and Andreas Beck, crafting an unconventional metal-hybrid that defies expectations.

In the vast landscape of electronic music, Andreas Asingh, operating under the moniker Slowolf, stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation. With international recognition and collaborations with the likes of Raekwon from The Wu-Tang Clan, Asingh’s journey led him back to the rural tranquillity of Mols Bjerge. In a twist of fate, he crosses paths with Jens Emil Sørensen and Andreas Beck, two heavy metal aficionados from Djursland’s vibrant underground scene. Despite the apparent dichotomy in their musical roots, a potent connection is forged, giving birth to the alternative metal-hybrid known as 802.

The sonic tapestry of 802 weaves together the timeless elements of classic heavy metal with the dreamy nuances of hazy shoegaze melodies. Asingh’s syncopated drumming forms the backbone, creating a rhythmic foundation that is then immersed in layers of distortion. The result is a musical amalgamation that defies categorization, offering a refreshing and unpredictable auditory experience for enthusiasts of various genres.

The pinnacle of Slowolf’s innovation is manifested in the latest single, ’22 (Velvet Vampire).’ This relentless yet dreamy and catchy tune transports listeners into a surreal nightmare-like scenario. The accompanying horror short film, ‘The Curse of the Velvet Vampire,’ directed by Christoffer Schuricht, introduces a grotesque and kitsch narrative. Asingh, cursed by consuming a Velvet Vampire beer, becomes the unwitting perpetrator of brutal killings against his innocent and lazy bandmates. The collaboration with David Lynch’s collaborator Schuricht adds an extra layer of macabre sophistication to the visual narrative.

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Christoffer Schuricht, the mastermind behind the horror short film, brings his experience from collaborations with the iconic David Lynch and pop sensation Charli XCX to infuse cinematic brilliance into Slowolf’s auditory world. The film is complemented by the official Velvet Vampire beer, a product of collaboration with Copenhagen’s renowned brewery, Mikkeller. It’s an invitation to not only watch but also drink, if you dare, as you immerse yourself in this unique sensory experience.

In the realm of Slowolf’s alternative hybrid 802, boundaries are shattered, and creativity knows no limits. The ghostly sounds of ’22 (Velvet Vampire)’ echo through the underground, inviting listeners to a musical and visual journey like no other. As the blood-dripping horror short film unfolds, it’s not just an auditory feast but a complete immersion into a world where music, horror, and cinematic artistry converge in a symphony of the unconventional. Watch, listen, and dare to be enthralled by the enigmatic universe of Slowolf’s 802.


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