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In a departure from Arliston’s recent sonic endeavours, ‘Thawed’ emerges as a musical journey with an icy undertone, intertwining the signature spacey atmospherics that have become synonymous with this creative duo. The track, a captivating fusion of angular drums, snarling basslines, and slinky vocals, unfolds like a story, gradually building from the smoky haze of its initial verses to a chorus exuding undeniable swagger. ‘Thawed’ introduces a new facet to Arliston’s repertoire, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess.

Vocalist Jack Ratcliffe sheds light on the conceptual depth of the track, revealing it to be a narrative that explores the confines of a cyclical behavioral loop. The verses paint a vivid picture of creeping claustrophobia, highlighting the character’s entanglement in a web of negativity fueled by media (“strobe light news”). The chorus becomes a sanctuary-seeking endeavor, with retreats into the cocoon of ‘my room’ and futile attempts to find solace in wealth (‘my fingers in the till’). Despite these efforts, the cycle repeats, encapsulating the essence of an Arliston tune—a merry yet introspective exploration of the human experience.

George Hasbury, the instrumentalist and producer of the duo, embraces the sonic departure, describing the sound as a collision between Americana and down-tempo British indie—a delightful departure that adds a new flavor to the Arliston pot. This willingness to push against the confines of their established sound speaks volumes about their commitment to artistic growth and innovation.

Arliston, comprised of Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury, first captivated audiences in 2018 with their critically acclaimed EP ‘Hawser.’ What began as a studio-only project evolved into a fully-fledged band, enchanting a growing fan base with their mesmeric blend of spacey production and dreamlike rich harmonies. ‘Thawed’ bears the mark of expert craftsmanship, having been mixed and co-produced by Brett Shaw, known for his work with The Foals and Florence and the Machine.

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The band’s journey has been marked by success, with over 2.7 million streams on Spotify alone, support from BBC Radio One and Amazing Radio, and placements on prestigious playlists such as ‘Most Beautiful Songs in the World’ on Spotify and ‘New in Alternative’ on Apple Music. Arliston’s impact on the British indie music scene is undeniable, with accolades pouring in from publications like Clash, Wonderland, Earmilk, and Notion.

As 2023 draws to a close, Arliston leaves us with another indie gem, setting the stage for an exciting 2024. The band’s trajectory, marked by sonic evolution and unwavering editorial support, solidifies their position as a prolific outfit poised for continued success in the dynamic landscape of indie music. As the curtain falls on this chapter, Arliston remains a beacon of innovation, beckoning us to join them on their musical odyssey.


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