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In the heart of the holiday season, country music maven Eric Paslay has gifted us with a vibrant rendition of the timeless classic, “Run Rudolph Run.” Known for his relatable storytelling and dynamic musical style, Paslay has injected a fresh energy into this rock-infused Christmas anthem. The cover is not just a musical treat; it’s a collaboration with Duke Spirits, renowned for their award-winning ultra-premium bourbon, rye, and tequila. Let’s unwrap this festive collaboration and delve into the spirited world of Eric Paslay and Duke Spirits.

Originally recorded by Chuck Berry, “Run Rudolph Run” is a high-energy anthem that narrates the exhilarating race of Santa’s reindeer, led by the iconic Rudolph, as they dash to deliver presents on the magical Christmas Eve. The lyrics capture the thrill of the chase and the urgency for Rudolph to run at full speed, ensuring that every gift finds its way under the tree before the break of Christmas morning.

In an expression of pure joy and enthusiasm, Eric Paslay shares his excitement about the holiday hit, stating, “I had a blast recording this holiday hit with Austin and the Duke Spirits band! Y’all crank this one up while you are ‘Run Rudolph Run’ Christmas shopping!” Paslay’s infectious energy and love for the music shine through, promising listeners a festive experience like no other.

Duke Spirits, recognised for their commitment to crafting exceptional spirits, has ventured into the world of music with a collection of classic holiday song covers. Chris Radomski, a representative of Duke Spirits, expressed their excitement about this musical journey, stating, “We are excited to continue our journey as a brand into the music industry and celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season with our newly recorded Christmas singles.” The collaboration brings together talented musicians and the rich, full-bodied flavors of Duke Spirits, creating a unique and memorable listening experience.

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Duke Spirits is more than just a spirits brand; it’s an artisan distiller dedicated to preserving the legacy of the American icon, John Wayne. Their commitment is evident in the meticulous crafting of spirits, using decades-old recipes and bottles from John Wayne’s archives. By encapsulating the enduring ideals that John Wayne stood for, Duke Spirits offers more than just a drink; it’s a sip of history and tradition.

As you immerse yourself in Eric Paslay’s spirited rendition of “Run Rudolph Run,” consider enhancing the experience with a glass of Duke Spirits’ finest. This collaboration is a harmonious blend of music and bourbon, a celebration of the holiday season, and a nod to the enduring legacy of John Wayne. So, crank up the volume, pour a glass, and let the magic of music and spirits infuse your festive celebrations. Stream and download the music now on all digital music platforms and raise a toast to the joyous union of Eric Paslay and Duke Spirits!



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