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Wellington-based Rock/Pop sensation, Wet Denim, is set to unleash their latest musical masterpiece upon the world with the impending release of their single, ‘Remedy,’ slated to hit the airwaves on November 17th. Crafted with passion and precision by the band’s talented members, frontman and guitarist Nick Goodwin, brothers Jack Ledword & Joe Ledword, and guitarist and keyboard player Luca Crampton, ‘Remedy’ is a captivating expression of Wet Denim’s signature blend of Rock and Pop influences.

A Sonic Triumph:

Written and produced entirely by the band, ‘Remedy’ showcases Wet Denim’s evolution, propelling their distinctive sound to new heights. With colossal choruses, razor-sharp guitar lines, and relatable lyrical narratives, the song invites listeners on a sonic journey that transcends genres. This musical gem is tailor-made for spontaneous sing-alongs, whether you’re on a morning run or a late-night drive.

Live Prowess and Fan Adoration:

While ‘Remedy’ marks Wet Denim’s first release since their debut self-titled EP, the band has been far from dormant. Having graced the stage in support of renowned international acts like The Rubens, The Grogans, and Teenage Dads, the ‘Soggy Boys’ have proven their mettle in the live arena. In 2023, Wet Denim embarked on their inaugural nationwide tour, leaving sold-out shows in Christchurch and Wellington in their wake. It was during these electrifying performances that ‘Remedy’ earned its stripes as a fan favorite, building anticipation for its official release.

A Song with Purpose:

“The song has become a fan favorite at live shows, and Remedy’s high tempo and energetic lyrics have never failed to get the moshpit moving,” says the band. Even without a recorded version, the audience has eagerly embraced the track, underscoring its universal appeal. ‘Remedy’ delves into the complexities of toxic situations and double-edged relationships, portraying the paradox of someone being both a crisis and a cure. Loaded with angst, euphoria, tension, and release, this song resonates with optimists, pessimists, and everyone in between.

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As Wet Denim prepares to share the recorded version of ‘Remedy,’ the anticipation among fans is palpable. The song’s thematic depth, combined with its infectious energy, promises a musical experience that transcends the ordinary. So, mark your calendars for November 17th, and get ready to immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance that is ‘Remedy’—a testament to Wet Denim’s unwavering commitment to their craft and their audience.


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