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In the heart of Boise, Idaho, a mysterious force known as Street Fever thrives, navigating the realms of mixed-media performance art with a gritty symphony inspired by a lifetime of diverse experiences. This enigmatic artist, shrouded in anonymity, weaves a tapestry of sonic experimentation drawn from the unconventional sources of Three 6 Mafia, DIY hardcore, heavy rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, and even classical music. Street Fever’s journey is not just an exploration of sound but a deep dive into self-discovery, spirituality, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Behind the veil of anonymity lies a captivating narrative of a soul deeply rooted in an ongoing spiritual awakening. Street Fever’s existence has weathered the storms of loss, institutionalisation, and a near-death experience in a South East Asian prison. Yet, from the ashes of adversity, this project has emerged, transformed into a platform for expressing the artist’s recovery from addiction. Street Fever is now on a mission to connect with others seeking personal and spiritual growth through the transformative power of art and music.

Street Fever invites you to join them on a wildly cinematic path, experiencing the highs and lows of their journey as an artist, spiritual seeker, and human being. The artist deftly balances on the tightrope between destructive possession and holy reclamation, extending a hand to draw you into their world through the mesmerising mediums of art and sound.

In their latest single, “Sinner,” Street Fever beckons listeners to embrace inner strength and poetic freedom. The driving force behind the song is a relentless pursuit to reclaim power and transcend both internal and external boundaries. Street Fever channels energy from personal experiences into a fearless exploration of unconventional spaces – temples, art institutions, churches, and even the headquarters of the Latter Day Saints. Adorning these spaces with renaissance poses, shredding art, and dousing themselves with water while fully masked, Street Fever creates a spectacle that challenges traditional norms and sparks thought.

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The accompanying micro-documentary for “Sinner” offers viewers an intimate look into Street Fever’s highly energetic, disruptive shows and poetic expressions. It serves as a testament to the artist’s commitment to sharing these thought-provoking acts and their ongoing journey of creative expression and self-discovery. The video provides a window into a world where every performance is a piece of art, a brushstroke in the ongoing masterpiece of Street Fever’s life.

Street Fever is not merely an artist; they are a storyteller, a beacon of resilience, and a creative force challenging the boundaries of conventional expression. Through their music and performance art, Street Fever opens a portal to self-discovery and enlightenment, inviting all to witness the transformative power of creativity in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth. As we listen to the symphony born from their experiences, we embark on a journey of our own, exploring the boundless possibilities of human expression and connection.


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