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Emerging from the ashes of the vibrant theatrical punk powerhouse Cheap Teeth, Conscious Pilot takes center stage with their latest offering, ‘Modern Religion.’ Crafted by the dynamic duo Joe Laycock and Jack Sharp, former members of Cheap Teeth, along with talented musicians from Catholic Action and Pressure Retreat, Conscious Pilot promises a post-punk revival that transcends musical boundaries. In this article, we delve into the genesis of their new single and the band’s fresh musical direction.

The phoenix-like resilience of Conscious Pilot is evident as they rise from the remnants of Cheap Teeth. Laycock and Sharp, fueled by their shared passion for immersive, beat-driven soundscapes, have united with like-minded musicians, giving birth to a post-punk revival supergroup. This collaboration with members from Catholic Action and Pressure Retreat adds a unique flavor to Conscious Pilot’s sonic palette.

With ‘Modern Religion,’ Conscious Pilot signals a departure from their previous penchant for critical jabs at organized religion. Instead, the track explores the diverse ways individuals seek meaning in their lives, whether through traditional avenues like religion or through seemingly unconventional activities. The song, anchored by Sharp’s pulsating bass line, mirrors the band’s journey into uncharted musical territories while staying grounded in thought-provoking lyrics.

In a reflective statement, Joe Laycock shares that ‘Modern Religion’ was the first song the band wrote, forming the conceptual foundation for their debut EP and the project as a whole. The song is a symbolic reflection of their own struggles and search for meaning after deciding to move on from Cheap Teeth, their primary focus for the past seven years. Laycock’s words provide a glimpse into the personal and artistic evolution that ‘Modern Religion’ encapsulates.

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To celebrate the release of ‘Modern Religion,’ Conscious Pilot will host a single release gig at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on 19th January 2024. This marks the beginning of their UK tour, promising a live experience that complements the immersive quality of their music.

7th February – Newport, Le Pub TICKETS
9th February – Halifax, The Greyston  TICKETS
10th February – Leeds, Mabgate Beach  

Conscious Pilot’s ‘Modern Religion’ is not just a musical composition but a journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. The band’s departure from their punk roots and exploration of new sonic landscapes showcase their resilience and commitment to growth. As they take the stage once again, Conscious Pilot invites audiences to join them on a post-punk revival journey, where each note resonates with meaning and each performance is a celebration of newfound musical direction.


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