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Fabien ANSELME, a man of many musical dimensions, traversed geographical landscapes from Savoy to Lyon, ultimately settling in Paris for two decades. His journey into the realm of music began at a tender age of 12, nurtured by the intricate melodies of the electronic organ. As an autodidact, he delved into the realms of piano and guitar, uncovering the latent aspirations of a singer-songwriter within him during the 2000s.

Parallel to his professional career as an audiovisual technician, F.A continuously honed his musical sensibilities, immersing himself in a vast spectrum spanning from lyrical ballads to the pulsating beats of electronic music. Enthralled by the boundless horizons offered by cutting-edge technologies in music production, F.A embarked on a multifaceted journey of composition, production, and mixing, crafting his own instrumental symphonies.

While his compositions are often classified under the umbrella of electronic music, they bear subtle traces of piano and guitar, occasionally intertwining with the ethereal strains of violins and wind instruments. These elements, though sometimes digitally synthesized through virtual instruments or VST plug-ins, add a layer of depth and richness to his sonic tapestries, blurring the boundaries between the organic and the digital realms.

In Fabien ANSELME’s musical universe, innovation intertwines with tradition, and creativity knows no bounds. Through his intricate compositions, he invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey, where every note resonates with the passion and dedication of a true artist.

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