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In the tumultuous landscape of contemporary music, where trends flicker and fade like fleeting shadows, Birmingham’s very own Mutes stand tall, defiantly carving their niche with every electrifying release. Hot on the heels of their November sensation, ‘Mere Slaughter,’ which garnered accolades from industry titans like RTE, Louder Than War Radio, Noizze, and Hardbeat Magazine, Mutes are back in the spotlight once more, this time with ‘Televangelist.’

‘Televangelist’ is the auditory embodiment of a sonic tempest, teasing listeners with a potent blend of post-punk grit and noise-rock fervour. But this is just the prelude to their grand opus, their fourth studio album ‘…buried where you stand,’ poised to unleash its sonic onslaught on May 17th, 2024, courtesy of No Sound Records.

What sets Mutes apart is their evolutionary journey, a metamorphosis from James’ solo, ambient musings into a powerhouse trio pulsating with raw energy. From their humble beginnings with the eponymous debut EP in 2014 to the cacophonous proclamation of ‘Starvation Age’ in 2015, Mutes have been steadfast in their sonic exploration.

Their trajectory reached new heights with the release of ‘No Desire’ in 2017, a manifesto of unbridled passion that resonated with the likes of DIY Magazine and The Line of Best Fit. But Mutes are not content with resting on past laurels. No, they thrive on evolution, and thus ‘Pareidolia’ in 2019 and ‘Dreams of Being Cornered’ in 2021 ensued, each album a testament to their sonic maturation and unyielding creativity.

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Now, ‘Televangelist,’ recorded live and untamed at Megatone Studios under the watchful eye of Mark Gittins, emerges as a sonic juggernaut, a blitzkrieg of new-wave allure and punk-rock fervency. Clocking in at just under three minutes, this auditory whirlwind is a stark confrontation with existential dread, propelled by a motorik pulse that seizes the listener with unrelenting force.


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