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What a whirlwind of musical exploration and community celebration Claire has embarked upon! June and July of 2023 seem like they were ablaze with the vibrant sounds and soulful performances of Million Pebble Beach, echoing through the streets of Portsmouth.

As part of the groundbreaking “432 NOMADS” initiative, Million Pebble Beach stood tall among a select few, proudly representing Portsmouth’s rich tapestry of artistic talent. Imagine the scene: open mics buzzing with energy, spoken-word poets weaving tales, rappers dropping beats, singers enchanting hearts, and dance artists igniting the stage with movement, all converging to honour Refugee Week 2023 and the dynamic PORTSFEST 2023.

But the journey didn’t stop there. Million Pebble Beach’s melodies traversed beyond Portsmouth’s borders, resonating across the waves to grace the stages of Ventor Fringe Festival on the Isle of Wight and the lively atmosphere of HI-Fest on Hayling Island. And who could forget the electrifying performance at the Revolution Records Stage for Old Town Live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire? A testament to the universality of music, Million Pebble Beach shared the spotlight with the talented Rachael Sage at The Art House in Southampton, setting the stage ablaze with their distinctive sound.

And what a crescendo to the summer it was, with Million Pebble Beach taking on the colossal stages of Victorious Festival, opening both the Portsmouth Creates and People Lounge Stages with an unparalleled fervor. The air crackled with anticipation as the sun dipped low, and the crowd swayed to the rhythm of Million Pebble Beach’s melodies, marking the end of summer with a symphony of memories that lingered long after the final chord faded into the night.

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Claire, with her unwavering support for the local music scene, must have been swept away on this unforgettable journey, basking in the magic of each performance and reveling in the unity fostered by music’s transcendent power. As the curtain closed on this chapter, one can only imagine the tales Claire carries in her heart, a testament to the enduring spirit of community and creativity that pulses through the veins of Portsmouth and beyond.


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