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Step into the sonic cosmos of ‘Swinging Flavors #12,’ where Tokyo’s very own sonic artisan, T5UMUT5UMU, unveils his latest masterpiece. In the electrifying track “Bolt,” he effortlessly blends techno, breakbeat, and jungle vibes, whisking listeners away on an interstellar journey through the pulsating universe of bass music. Released under Beat Machine Records’ illustrious Swinging Flavors series, this digital and 7″ vinyl release beckons you to embark on a cosmic odyssey.

T5UMUT5UMU isn’t just a producer; he’s a genre-defying maestro who traverses the spaces between tracks, bound not by conventional genre boundaries, but by mood and groove. Guided by techno, breakbeat, and jungle influences, his musical palette is enriched by the tapestry of Eastern cultures seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of UK-style club beats. Drawing from a spectrum that includes HARD DRUM, shadowy breakbeats, grime, and DnB, T5UMUT5UMU crafts compositions that transcend limitations, captivating audiences worldwide.

The remix of “Bolt” by the illustrious Mani Festo mirrors the boundless creativity found in his extensive repertoire. Mani Festo, straddling the line between futuristic innovation and timeless tradition, champions the transformative essence of club music. As a driving force within the Club Glow collective, his dynamic sound spans from breakbeat experimentation to electro-infused machine funk, pushing ‘Swinging Flavors #12’ to stratospheric heights. His remix, akin to a warp-speed voyage, thrusts the original track into uncharted realms, delivering a pulsating experience grounded in masterful rhythmic craftsmanship.

Together, T5UMUT5UMU and Mani Festo beckon you to immerse yourself in the cosmic enchantment of ‘Swinging Flavors #12,’ a release that transcends musical confines, celebrating the sheer exhilaration of exploration amidst the vast expanse of bass-infused sonic landscapes.

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