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Introducing Tanz Akademie, the Piedmont powerhouse poised to set the alternative music scene ablaze with their debut album, “Hullabaloo.” Picture this: six musical maestros hailing from Italy, weaving a sonic tapestry that’s equal parts chaotic, fierce, and delicate—a true embodiment of the album’s very essence.

Produced by the dynamic duo of Riccardo Salvini and Salvatore Marano, renowned figures from the Turin-based band Indianizer, “Hullabaloo” is the culmination of years of growth, stumbling, and, most importantly, friendship. Recorded in a whirlwind week, it’s a testament to their artistic journey, condensed into a symphony of sound.

But wait, there’s more. This sextet isn’t content with just conquering their home turf; they’re taking their musical manifesto on the road, with plans to grace European stages in 2024. It’s their inaugural voyage abroad, and anticipation is palpable.

So, what exactly does Tanz Akademie bring to the musical table? Imagine post-punk and indie rock locking horns with jazz, goth, and alternative pop, all stirred together in a cauldron of creativity. Add to that a dash of march-like brass instruments and the occasional spoken-word vocals, and you’ve got a recipe for sonic ecstasy.

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But it’s not just about the music—it’s the live experience that truly sets Tanz Akademie apart. Picture a marching band crashing a coming-of-age party, all while mourning at a funeral. It’s a paradoxical blend of celebration and solemnity that leaves audiences spellbound, craving more.

Intrigued? Keep an ear to the ground because very soon “Hullabaloo” will be unleashed upon the world, courtesy of Italian indie label Overdub Recordings. Tanz Akademie isn’t just a band; they’re a musical revolution in the making, and “Hullabaloo” is their battle cry.


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