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Ladies and gentlemen, music aficionados near and far, gather ’round for a tale of resilience, innovation, and sheer musical mastery! As we raise our glasses to toast the 10th anniversary of Helsinki Lambda Club, let’s embark on a journey through their remarkable saga.

Picture this: July 4, 2023, a date etched in the annals of music history as the day these maestros of melody officially graced our world. Fast forward to August, and behold! Their third opus, “Welcome to Helsinki Lambda Club,” emerges from the creative crucible, igniting the airwaves with its sonic brilliance.

But wait, the plot thickens! Despite the pandemic’s ominous shadow, Helsinki Lambda Club dared to dream big, expanding their horizons with electrifying performances in distant lands like Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. A testament to their indomitable spirit!

Now, dear readers, let’s fast forward to 2024, a year of triumph and transcendence. SXSW, the hallowed grounds where dreams collide with destiny, bore witness to Helsinki Lambda Club’s transcendent artistry. Media mavens took note, paving the path to a coveted spotlight on Grammy.com.

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But hold onto your hats, for the saga unfolds further! A maiden voyage to the UK awaits, courtesy of “HLC AIRLINES.” London, Birmingham, and not one, but two spellbinding shows at The Great Escape in Brighton! Can you feel the excitement crackling in the air?

And what’s this? A symphony of collaboration echoing across borders, as Swim Deep, the darlings of British indie-pop, weave their magic into Helsinki Lambda Club’s timeless anthem, “Good News Is Bad News.” Enter the Swim Deep Slowcore Remix, a mesmerizing reinterpretation that transcends the ordinary, beckoning listeners into a realm of eternal dreams and ethereal melodies.

But let’s not overlook the visual feast accompanying this sonic odyssey! With artwork meticulously crafted by the illustrious Robert Davis, each stroke of the brush invites us deeper into the enigmatic world of Helsinki Lambda Club.

So, dear friends, as we bid adieu to this chapter in their storied saga, let us raise our voices in celebration of Helsinki Lambda Club’s unwavering dedication to the art of sound. Here’s to the dreamers, the innovators, the boundary-pushers—may their melodies continue to reverberate across the globe, inspiring hearts and minds for generations to come. Cheers to Helsinki Lambda Club, and may their journey know no bounds!


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