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London-based artist Sky_A, the musical project of Sky Ainsbury, released his second single ‘Walker’ as a precursor to his highly anticipated debut album. This evocative track delves deep into themes of self-knowledge and inner strength, all wrapped in a soundscape that is both intimate and cinematic.

‘Walker’ pushes the boundaries of Sky_A’s eclectic mix of electronic, acoustic, and progressive rock elements, infusing a darker tone that highlights his unique vision. Renowned for his synaesthetic perception, Sky_A translates his experience of music into a vibrant tapestry of shapes, colors, and textures. His dual career as a filmmaker and motion graphics artist enriches his music with a striking visual dimension, emphasizing long-form storytelling through hypnotic and abstract visuals.

Sky_A describes his creative process as a form of world-building, where each track is a scene in a larger narrative. “There is a big story to be told. Each track is a scene, and as far as possible I have instruments representing characters. It’s my ‘Swan Lake’,” he explains. He envisions his music as a rolling landscape, oscillating between serene beauty and harsh, jagged imagery. His goal is for listeners to experience these vivid scenes through his music.

‘Walker’ features Sky_A’s self-performed and produced foundation, augmented by the virtuoso drumming of Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers, Squarepusher, Pulp) and additional production and mixing by Aneek Thapar (65daysofstatic, Rival Consoles). The lyrics explore the journey of finding strength and self-awareness, with poignant lines such as:

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When to celebrate, and when to keep the powder dry When to medicate, and when to metamorphosise

Sky_A describes the inspiration behind ‘Walker’ as stemming from a profound sense of anger and realization. “It’s an angry piece of music. Like, anti-imperial levels of anger. It’s about having been lied to, having participated in awful things on a huge scale, and becoming aware, resolving to undo the damage that has been done,” he says. The song’s sonic foundation, built around the gritty sound of his thumb on an unearthed guitar lead, evokes a sensation of tectonic movement and molten rock. The track’s rhythm, likened to a limping gait, reflects a wounded yet determined resolve to face and overcome challenges.

In a thrilling collaboration, Sky_A teamed up with Josh Trinnaman, the producer and one half of the electronic/progressive rock group Luo, for a remix of ‘Walker’. Trinnaman, a long-time influence on Sky_A, reached out after hearing a clip of the original track, eager to put his own spin on it. The resulting remix infuses the track with glitchy, dirty elements and cybery videogame synth lines, maintaining the original’s atmospheric intensity while introducing a fresh, electrifying edge.

Sky_A’s ‘Walker’ is not just a song but an immersive experience, inviting listeners into a world of vivid, emotional landscapes. As he continues to build towards his debut album, Sky_A is proving to be a compelling and innovative voice in the music scene.


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