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In the bustling labyrinth of the Los Angeles music scene, there exists a duo whose melodies weave tales of intimacy, identity, and the raw essence of human experience. Meet Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, the creative geniuses behind Fake Dad. Their musical journey, like a serendipitous encounter at a college party, has blossomed into an inseparable bond, birthing a fusion of synth pop and indie rock that captivates the soul.

Fake Dad’s genesis in 2020 marked the union of disparate musical souls, converging to craft a sonic language that speaks volumes to the heart. Within the confines of their apartment, amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, Andrea and Josh concoct a kaleidoscope of sound, rich with quirky synths, infectious hooks, and sun-drenched guitars. It’s a testament to their shared vision, a testament to the power of creative synergy.

Their EP, “Yerba Mala,” serves as a portal into the labyrinth of interpersonal dynamics and the intricate tapestry of identity. Andrea’s exploration of her first-gen Latinx heritage adds layers of depth to their music, transcending genre boundaries with a blend of rock, pop, and electronica. Critics and fans alike have hailed its brilliance, catapulting Fake Dad into the spotlight of acclaim and recognition.

But it’s their latest single, “Crybaby,” that unveils a poignant narrative echoing the zeitgeist of a generation yearning for validation in a world obsessed with fleeting fame. With lyrical honesty, Fake Dad confronts the toxic allure of celebrity culture, offering solace to those lost in the tumultuous sea of societal expectations.

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As they embark on their debut LP, Fake Dad retraces their indie rock roots, drawing inspiration from icons like The Stones and PJ Harvey. Yet, beneath the layers of melody and rhythm lies a deeper mission – to serve as beacons of empathy and understanding for their listeners. Andrea and Josh’s candidness about their struggles with mental health resonates deeply, forging an unbreakable bond with their audience.

From Spotify playlists to sold-out shows, Fake Dad’s ascent is not just a testament to their musical prowess but a testament to the transformative power of authenticity. In their harmonies, listeners find solace; in their vulnerability, they find strength. For Fake Dad, the journey is not just about making music; it’s about creating a sanctuary where every note is a lifeline, and every listener is family.


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