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The Hinkley Veltones, often hailed as “Bristol’s best songwriters,” deliver a sonic experience that’s nothing short of cinematic brilliance. Picture this: if Roy Orbison cruised into town in a jacked-up hearse with a V8 engine, The Hinkley Veltones would be blasting from his car stereo. Their unique blend of twangy, countrified surf-pop and Lynchian atmospheres sets them apart in the alternative rock scene.

This country-tinged, alternative rock band crafts an intoxicating mix of Duane Eddy’s guitar stylings produced by Angelo Badalamenti and drenched in reverb. Their baritone vocals and brooding, haunted country-rock are a treat for fans of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

Though they remain a cult favorite among Bristol’s in-crowd, The Hinkley Veltones’ influence is undeniable. Steve Marr, Harry Santer, and James Marlow performed from 2007 to 2013, leaving an indelible mark before fading into the shadows. Now, their oeuvre is finally available on streaming platforms, offering a new generation a chance to discover their dark, atmospheric magic.

Rumor has it, the trio is back in the studio, not only prepping the release of a previously unreleased third album but also working on a brand-new fourth collection. For fans and newcomers alike, The Hinkley Veltones are a must-listen, promising a return that’s both highly anticipated and richly deserved.

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