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“Live Love Relax” is Morgentraum’s more artificial take on the iconic and controversial Franky Goes to Hollywood hit. When “Relax” was released in 1983, it caused a scandal due to its overt sexual references. BBC Radio 1 banned the song from its playlists because of the homoerotic lyrics, and the video was not shown by the BBC or MTV.

Music and Social Evolution

Against the backdrop of the LGBTQ+ movement, this musical evolution is historically significant. Icons like Boy George, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, FGTH, and YMCA have shown how music can change the world. The title “Live Love Relax” emphasizes the idea that in today’s enlightened world, you can live (“Live”) in love (“Love”)—regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation—and be relaxed (“Relax”) at the same time.

A Modern Interpretation

Morgentraum’s track asks how “Relax” would be interpreted 41 years later in today’s deep/progressive house genre. This new version answers that question with chilled deep house beats, soothing pads, and cool ad-libs for relaxed listening.

Technological Reinvention

Unlike the original, where the pumping bass likely evoked associations with the rhythm of ejaculation (as noted by Rolling Stone in 2013), Morgentraum’s track features a more relaxed beat. The voices of “Relax” and “Don’t do it” are not samples from the original but are algorithmic interpretations.

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First, frequency components and temporal characteristics of the original are identified. The audio signal is broken down into its frequency components, and algorithms separate the audio spectrum into different parts. Based on neural network models and machine learning techniques, the features of vocals and instruments are distinguished. A spectral mask is created to separate the vocals from the instruments. This mask is applied to the audio signal to isolate the voice. After the voice is isolated, the remaining audio signal is reconstructed by AI, resulting in a unique and modern rendition that is not a mere copy of the original frequencies.

“Live Love Relax” is a testament to how far we have come, blending past controversies with today’s progressive attitudes and advanced technology to create a track that both honors and reinvents a classic.


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