Skinwalker by Lieutenatron
Skinwalker (also known as yee naaldlooshii by the Navajo)

Not everything is as it appears to be…


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Background: Spent a lot of time in Utah & the 4 corners area growing up. I’ve been to Shiprock a couple of times and spent a lot of time learning about the Anasazi, as well as the Navajo, Hopi, Apache, Ute, & Paiute.

Experienced some very strange stuff while camping with my family and friends on different occasions.

One time… my friend and I were on Duschene ridge, in the Uintah Mountains, which is pretty close to Skinwalker Ranch(in the same mountain range). One night we were circled by coyotes(or possibly wolves) in the tent. The following night the tent was circled by a strange creature. Now on that night my friend told me I was talking to him(but I was fast asleep and never talked to him, nor was it sleep talk). That night my friend was lured by a Skinwalker talking in my voice. A trick, by the Skinwalker, in an attempt to lure my friend outside of the tent – it’s good that he did not exit the tent or I may never have seen him again.

Another time in those same mountains… my bro and I took a late walk at about 1 A.M. in the morning. We wandered far off the trail for a few miles. I was climbing over a huge fallen tree when something very large came at me – now I was standing about 10 feet in the air and I could feel the wind & breaking branches coming right at me… blood turned cold and I hopped off the log and told my bro if he wanted to live then he better run. He could not stop me for 30 minutes. We came to a clearing and I explained to him that something large was coming at me(he was standing on the ground behind me at the time). I could tell he was a little questionable. I was attempting to start a fire in an abandoned fire pit when we heard something very large in the trees outside of the clearing. I told him… “do you hear that” and he was in full agreement. Never been so freaked out by anything. Now I was completely lost in the woods, though my bro knows how to navigate by the stars.

We both decided it was time to move as whatever was lurking outside of the clearing was clearly watching and had followed us a couple of miles(no moose, bear, elk, mountain lion, or anything else that I can think of would have followed that far).

Somehow or another my bro was able to lead us back to camp using the stars as navigation – to this day I’m very impressed by his knowledge & navigation skills in the mountains. One month after that chase through the woods I had a dream of a giant beast!

In my dream I attempted to run again but fell to the ground when I hopped off the fallen tree & I turned to see a beast of a creature, like a sasquatch, with eyes glowing red looming over me on the ground. So to this day I am convinced that it was no ordinary animal of the forest that my bro & I encountered back on that late night hike.

I have died several times in this life but through some miracle or divine intervention, of a higher power, came back from the afterlife on each occasion. I now walk the realm between the living and the dead. Let me tell you that what one would call myth or legend is actually very much real. Those who would make lite of such oral traditions are fools.

Just because we do not understand something does not give us the right to dismiss those facts that are beyond our own limited comprehension or understanding of humanity & our connection to the Universe.

What I have shared is only the tip of the iceberg! The rabbit hole runs very deep and I encourage one-&-all to explore what IS reality… for what lies beyond our wildest imaginations is the truth we all seek!

Like the old saying goes… “Reality is much stranger than fiction”.

Hope you enjoyed the story, also the music that you hear on my cloud as it comes from somewhere else & I’m just the conduit that brings it to light!

Thanks for listening!

Instrumentals Composed, Recorded & Produced By: Lieutenatron


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